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5/10 c27 torn reader
It is extremely heartening to see an update to this wonderful work. Thank you for all the time, thought, and effort you put into this.
5/10 c27 Herobrine362910
Safe to say that unless they can turn oone of their Heroes into or, even better, bring Saitana into their world: there's no hope for them to defeat Garou...
5/10 c27 Kirito Tatsumi
5/10 c27 Lets Go Now
I like the sitsituation with Mirko and Garou but I still enjoy the relation of Ghin's aunt and him far more.
5/10 c27 VirusZyX
Thanks for the chapter.
5/10 c27 Neiltanael
Ugh, I already missed this beauty
5/10 c27 TheCarcassKing
You ain't dead, huh? I'm surprised.
5/10 c27 oblivionknight7
Been a while, nice to see a showdown between these two happen at last.
5/10 c27 Gageel Redfox1
I need more please its to cool!
5/10 c27 Marvelesque1Der
Chapters may take an ungodly amount of time to come out but wait is always worth it.
5/10 c27 doa570047
Can it be? My favorite fic that basically made other fics lackluster in comparison? It is, it truly is. Seriously though, I had to read the fic title twice to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. I knew that you were working in other fics, but I've lost hope on you returning to this one. Though there are good MHA fics out there, they don't the sweet spot of displaying the societal problem rampant in MHA-verse like you do. Finally, the time has arrived for the climatic duel between Garou and Prime All Might. Though I can guess who's going to win, you have a habit of pulling the rug from under us. Hopefully the next update won't take over year to make because this piranha is always hungry for more.
5/10 c27 Akashi1412
It's alive
5/10 c27 muhammadfauzi2190
I wonder if Garou somehow still able to evolve into a monster here, in the manga most ppl speculate one of the key reasons why Garou able to rapidly transform into monster were because he ate monster's corspe that filled with monster cells & one of King Orochi's part or horn were stab into his body during their fight.

Personally I think Garou already in his way to be a fully grown monster since his fight with Silver Fang, Bomb & Genos where he seems to awakened for the first time, the monster corspe he ate & the part of Orochi imbued 8n his body simply making the evolving process move much FASTER. So I think Garou can still become a monster here it just not as fast in the manga.
5/10 c27 ImbaMLG
welcome back
5/10 c27 Wabbayack22
… i hope garou breaks every bone in Yagi’s body for that shit lmao
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