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5/10 c27 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story it's amazing
5/10 c27 Storyliker
Welcome back and thank you so much for making this chapter it's awesome
5/10 c27 0verl0rddeku
Readers are forgetting 1 thing here. Garou maybe not monster...yet BUT he got just 1 more speciality waiting to be used & fighting the 2 strongest heroes of the world are perfect time to show it.

~Exploding Heart Release Fist~
5/10 c27 1wolpe
Grat Story. Awesome. Thank you.
5/10 c27 Reisi2
Damm this is so hype
5/10 c27 Uday Sra
5/10 c27 6Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
I love everyone's opinions on their career choice but it would be nice to hear class B and those from other hero schools, this is epic! I can't wait for the real fight to begin and I'm happy I waited this long, but I thought garou was supposed to have a private meeting with all for one. Did something happen? I'm glad garou's training help those with quirks and how gentle criminal and la brava are actually getting a lot of attention thanks to garou hiring/helping them...(‿・)—
5/10 c27 3RonaldM40196867
Kaminari has seen much.

Garou is Lord of Hosu.

Garou does not tolerate discrimination.

All Might vs. Garou! Let the rematch of the century begin!

Happy May!
5/10 c27 superpierce
OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH. I missed this story.
5/9 c27 Ezylryb
Holy shit this chapter is awesome.
5/9 c27 fresh prince1
nice chapter and I can't wait for more
5/9 c27 johns284dbz
5/9 c27 11Toa Solaric
Hahaha! This is the best chapter ever!
5/9 c27 Zekken182
Holy moly welcome back to the living! It's been so long! Hope you rest for now and hopefully a next chap soon cuz that is such a cliffhanger right there
5/9 c27 edwhom
Welcome back! Thanks for the chapter.
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