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for The Hunter Amongst Villains

5/9 c27 Reader20448
It has return and this chapter was long as fuck, I ain't complaining though
5/9 c27 xXKnow1NosXx
I would love to see Garou go Senator Armstrong mode on All Might and Star and Stripes.

Welcome back!
5/9 c27 Nemonobody001
Thank you great chapter worth the wait
5/9 c27 nanashihaisha
5/9 c27 Mard Geer03


damn cliffhanger.

welcome back dude.
looking forward for updates.
5/9 c27 1Kamen Rider Sentry
Now that allmight has learned humility and is learning what's wrong with the people. hes doing good then bad now and gotten better. Can you make the match a draw this time as both win but lost and gave hope that there not backing down
5/9 c27 For'Sleep 3rd
Welcome back author and thanks for the chapter XD

WIn every class 1A candidate, unexpectedly Mineta is the Sane one. Those kids in UA will don't know what will hit them...

To be honest with UA fund is cut by Goverment, i also expect the students size will be reduced
5/9 c27 Freetimedude77
welcome back
5/9 c27 BakiJoestar
Welcome back
4/8 c9 Guest
The story is absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see more!
3/27 c19 2Naosj
Like the UFC guy who shouted, "KICK HIM IN THE DICK!"
3/18 c26 Stets
Really liking the story so far hope you come back and finish it!
3/16 c23 Stets
Was the mayor of hosu the mayor of Townsville and the secretary his secretary from power puff girls?
3/9 c26 Capcom
Captain Celebrity?
3/8 c26 Kirito Tatsumi
Any chance for update?
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