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for The Hunter Amongst Villains

10/22/2023 c1 Guest
In case you guys don't know, there are 3 new chapters on his Patreon. If you have money to spare and enjoy the story, you can read the new chapters on there
10/15/2023 c26 sphinxdragon84
Love this series, hope to see it updated, incredible writing and story
10/11/2023 c24 2samuraix04.xz
Will monster king show to face the mha world.
9/24/2023 c26 Destroy
Hello, hey, your fic is good, it looks like you put a lot of effort into each chapter.
I could read that you try to make everything have a justification with respect to some parts like why Garou decided to give up his goal of becoming a monster.
I hope you write another chapter since you left me intrigued.
9/20/2023 c25 sugoijack9
OPM is full of strong humans. Muscular even enhanced is nothing more as an ant than compared to Garou.
9/9/2023 c26 Guest
8/25/2023 c1 Guest
If author reads this thank you for this amazing story. and thank you for not abandoning this fanfic. If possible here some random nonsense Ideas : maybe garou can put quirks of villains into weapons for his organization to use, or show more organizations/ factions react to what garou and silver fang been doing, Eri or garou experimentation gamble can debuff / nerf garou so to make him less overpowered. Again just nonsense ideas,thank you for this fantastic story. -captain hanlock.
8/18/2023 c25 tt46293
Hey go to his patreon there the next chapter but is still not finished but you can get a preview for the next chapter
8/17/2023 c26 ghassenhmida605
bro please come back and update this story is amazing , this kind of stories are unique and rare , please come back and update please .
8/15/2023 c26 2NatDog
Was interested in the idea at first, the humor kept me entertained, now the story has me invested. So far I am thoroughly enjoying this story. Looking forward to the next chapter
8/11/2023 c1 YaL0okingForSoMething
Agree with guest here, OPM Heroes are way stronger than BNHA there are some are stronger without being born with power and the environment in OPM are dangrous if you look back at Giant destroying city, big ass worms came iut of ground, and aliens came to earth just to conquer or destroy.

The monster in OPM don’t hold back either imagine those guys appear in BNHA out of nowhere start destroying cities or worst destroy the planet
8/3/2023 c2 Guest
A reply to whatinthenameof, in case you didnt notice in one punch man Garou really earn his strength through sheer harsh training and effort and is really looking for a challenge (and unknown to him breaking his limiter). Take note majority of the heroes in OPM are normal people who can be heroes through other means not with some power given through birth. Also monsters there (if you dont include saitama in the situation) are merciless. So in term of power OPM really outclass mha.
8/2/2023 c1 riccardo.facchini03
i think you confused the part that in his world garou earned his strenghts and most of the heroes are quirkless like tank top master, Bang and metal bat while there are some people like eraser and mirio and nighteye that are powerful on their on but they couldn't stand a chance vs the moster threat dragon
7/28/2023 c2 WhatInTheNameOf
Honestly I never got the reason why Garou was complaining about the heroes in the MHA verse being "weak". Like the A-C class heroes in One Punch Man were basically fodder to him, could barely deal with tiger level threats and relied heavily on the S-Class to deal with the dangerous monsters and were constantly being thrashed by him. And then we have the Heroes in MHA who are better trained, have actual powers and years of experience. They have to deal with villains the size of buildings and who can kill you in one move without relying on All Might along with the fact that they aren't allowed to kill them like you can with monsters.

And what's this whole thing about not "earning their power" or relying to much on their quirks. They have to go through years of training to harness their quirks to get them to level they are. Even All Might had to train and prove he was worthy before he got One For All. As for relying too much on quirks, what about people like Eraserhead, Nighteye or Mirio whose attack power comes from their sheer physicality and equipment. Hell we've seen the students and villains display physical feats that weren't related to their quirks.

This whole idea of the My Hero verse being entirely inferior in power to the One Punch Man verse seems to stem more from bias than any logical conclusion.
7/26/2023 c24 Barbie
A psycho girl?
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