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for Heavenly Fox

5/29 c2 Jewel Vermilion
This is really good please continue it
1/4 c2 58Zm93
Please continue. Perhaps the fox has a human form?
2/28/2019 c1 Fayt Kamina
I like this a realistic confident shinji without some weird reason hope this continues
1/3/2019 c2 11rootathell
Awesome, completely new idea and funny as hell-
12/21/2018 c1 4Wizard Of
"Shinji, you're going to have to get in the robot."
" I SAID GET IN THE- wait what? "
12/20/2018 c2 269Traitor of All Traitors
Not a good quote to end this chapter. The story chapter was incredible.
12/20/2018 c1 4SaturnianWildcat
I wasn't so sure about this fic but now that I've read it, I can say it's really unique and cute! I can't wait to see what you have in store for it.
12/18/2018 c1 TheHiddenLettuce
oh, now this has my attention
12/16/2018 c1 1rjcelona
Very unique and nice beginning. I am hoping that you continue with this. Please explain the sanctuary and book and doctorate...oh yes and Kiyone as well. This could be fun.
12/14/2018 c1 lsmgamer56
AWESOME can’t wait to see where this goes so pleaseee continue
12/14/2018 c1 269Traitor of All Traitors
Damn, this was impressive! Hey, if you continue this, I look forward to reading it.
12/14/2018 c1 Shandrakor
Cute, I do wonder how Asuka will take Shinji having a doctorate
12/14/2018 c1 Xenoguyver
Oh THIS has promise on being a fun read. I can't wait to see Shinji's future adventures with his kitsune Kiyone...I can't help but wonder if she will reveal what she is to him and end up becoming his "Fox Wife".
12/14/2018 c1 9Beowolf 43
YOU... GENIUS! that has gotta be the most original plotline for an eva fic ive seen in a while, bravo my good sir. Also, im an EVA fan, but to sit through all that? My condolences for your shattered emotional state.
12/14/2018 c1 DaToskin
Yoshtar, bro, I think you won the ff net today. This gonna be interesting to follow for sure. Relay thanks to Seraphima from me for persuading you to put this on. Also, my condolences for watching all three NGEs in succession. Floofy fluff should help though, I think.

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