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4/15/2020 c20 1amerdism
Loving this so far. Though I’m curious, is Vivian a noble, she does seem like one, and apparently she should be since Krul is her sire, same with Mika actually, but is t she in similar ranking to Ferid then? I’m sure on this but I thought progenitors went something like 1st creates 2nd to 6th, 2nd to 6th create 7th to 12th, 7th to 12th create13th to 17th and 13th to 17th create 18th to 20th? By the way, would it be possible to get a general description of how Vivian looks and how long her hair is and what style it’s done in?
4/12/2020 c20 Zathalos
Well I can see that conversation going horribly, Shinya's team going off with racism and accusing Vivian of hiding things. Which of course she will, she doesn't know these random demon soldier's so what confirmation does she have that the knowledge won't spread? Plus I think it might be treason for her to talk. (unsure if she cares.) I think Shinya is going to have his job cut out for him being a voise of reason here.
Hoping it won't go too bad and that Vivian is not going to bend to ANY demands those soldier's might make. (except maybe Shinya.)

I LOVE this fic!
4/12/2020 c17 Zathalos
I prefer antagonistic character's with grey character's being a close second, goody too shoe's have a annoying tendency to piss me off (a pet peeve of mine)

Definitely want Vivian to keep her current uniform :3
4/6/2020 c20 Kiur
Oh, how fast, I didn't expect another chapter in such a short time. (o)
Yes, I can understand how much Vivi means to Shinya, she has become a pillar in his life. For Vivi, who has gone through many horrors and made many choices to survive and to finally meet him, his acceptance and understanding are important. In this situation it is difficult to talk about any kind of romance, no matter how strong feelings they may have, they live in different worlds. Moreover, both of them have very dynamic lives with many dangers, in which one mistake can mean loss of life. However, they needed this hug very much.
Guren's team did well to attack Vivi, they do not know her or her intentions towards one of their team members, so the most logical choice was to protect Shinya. I have the impression that Vivi and Guren will not like each other and that the current Guren should be weaker than Vivi.
I was just thinking, didn't Guren suspect Vivi's vampirism? He and Ferid were exchanging information,if I'm not mistaken , but maybe Vivi's person is not important enough to mention it.
The way you write makes it easy to imagine these situations and the humorous insertions in serious situations introduce lightness that makes it easier to read.
I can't wait for the next chapter, I feel that instead of a conversation it will be questioning Vivi and blaming her. So I am looking forward to the next fruitful chapter no matter how long it takes you to write it. Take care :)
4/5/2020 c20 6NguyetMieu
Shinya: I felt something more about Vivi-chan than just friendship


Congratulations Shinya, you've been friend-zoned by your crush :)))) True to your words, there’s not as bad a cliffhanger this time around and it’s honestly a satisfying read. I saw the light novels on Wattpad about a year ago so most of the stuff about Shinya and the Hiiragis is just rehash for me. I thought it was ridiculous that a 10yrs old girl knows that she wants to marry Guren in the future but hey, not all of us are crazy geniuses. Also the character development Shinya go through is great and for him to admit to Vivian, who he perceives as being in the light, about his bloody past took a lot of courage.

You can get beer at 16?! So is it legal in schools? Imagine casually stroll by a vending machine outside the canteen and get a bottle or two of corona lol
4/5/2020 c20 Guest
To be honest, I thought the short fight with the Guren Squad might last a little longer with the bookstore being destroyed given how they reacted to Mikaela's approach for Yu during the escape from Naogoya even when he was mostly bypassing the soldiers of the Moon Demon Company then. Though I will say the way Vivian defended herself against them was still satisfying enough.
4/5/2020 c20 4TheMarphasChappers
-Reads Manga Spoiler- Does that mean he would not really mind becoming a Vampire if it was the only way to stay with Vivian? -blink- I mean... it sounds a lot like that so I'm a bit curious. On another note, I really liked this chapter and I hope the next update will be coming soon, with Shinya's er.. team? Yes, let's go with Team, with them the following talk will be rather interesting to read that is for sure.
4/5/2020 c20 piapie
oh jeez, ferid decapitated vivian before right? i wonder how much she’s going to tell them about her time as a vampire if at all
4/5/2020 c20 BookwormStrawberry
Shinya and Vivian... Shivian?
Love love love this! Please continue to surprise me with the love and drama!
Side note: will Vivian ask about Yuu?
4/5/2020 c20 piapie
AHHHHHH shinya and vivian are so cute, i’m excited for more smack talk between her and guren too!
4/5/2020 c20 4eragon95159
Maybe she sent a message to Yuu with a request tell him truth through Shinya(about Mika is vampire and JIDA is behind the apocalypse.
4/3/2020 c19 Guest
Awesome chapter.
I want a Vampire Knight update, please.
3/28/2020 c19 RokenDarkly
Damn this was the moment I've been waiting for and you couldn't have done it better!...but damn that cliffhanger...<3
3/28/2020 c19 Charlotte M. Baldonado
3/28/2020 c19 Kiur
Hey :)
Firstly, I hope you and your family are safe and healthy at the time of the corona virus.
Second the first meeting Vivi and Shinya after so long time is emotional and exciting. I waited with the comment earlier chapter because you leave us with suspense and excitement, now is the same. Vivi, she behaved prudently by hiding her presence from Guren's team, and she used an interesting way of communication, unconventional, although the hair part was a bit creepy. I think Vivi should not talk too much about the past at the institute/lab, it can affect Shinya badly, although he is smart, rational, sneaky under the influence of emotions he can do something that point him as a threat to Hiragi. He is going to feel torment and guilty anyway.
Personally, I don't like Guren, he is too big a manipulator who uses everyone and everything he can to win.
As for your question, I think that he will either keep his finger on the trigger or shoot in her direction, but so that it would bypass it (above / next to the head). If he shot he would signal the team that something is wrong, and we do not want it. Their meeting is a sad return to what they both cannot have anymore. I want Shinya to see her again as a friend and not want to exploit or use her as a spy.
As always, a good chapter, keep it up, I wish you creative inspiration to continue creating such good works
Take care of yourself, bye :)
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