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1/19/2020 c18 6NguyetMieu
Hi thereeeee. Dunno if you are in school or not, but thanks for the update just before finals hit. It was an entertaining chapter, and while I didn’t outright laugh, there were some parts that definitely made me chuckle (*-*)

If the vampires run out of livestock in the future then it will be like Promised Neverland XD. Black Death? Crusade? Haven’t heard that since 9th grade lol. Love the Vivian playing ‘Sherlock Holmes with a cheat sheet’ scene by the way. And I would want Crowley to cover up cuz if he walks around like that all the time it’ll attracts too much attentions BD

‘Why am I being labeled as the big bad vampire’, you asked? Cuz you are one lol. And wait until she find out that Guren’s the man behind the Apocalypse. Shinya’ll have a hellion of a time trying to separate his (hopefully!) future bride and best man from slicing each other’s throat off.

...oh dear...speak of the devil and he literally appears. This is truly a cruel cliffhanger Author-chan TnT. and next chapter(s) don’t tell me they’re gonna fight for like 80% of the next one and it’s another cliffhanger :D
1/19/2020 c18 legendaryNOT
I wonder if he’ll even recognise her or pretend he doesn’t out of denial
1/19/2020 c18 Crysnell
Waaaaaah cliffhanger, please have mercy on us 3!
Thank you for this New chapter author-san. Can wait to read what will happen in the next chapter(s)!
Shinya might tease Vivian about her uniform ? Hope he steals a hug, or more !
See you
1/19/2020 c18 1SpiceyFez
This is where the fun begins.
12/25/2019 c17 Charlotte M. Baldonado
11/28/2019 c17 Alice Fairchild
Brilliant chapter again. Still love Vivian's character. I have read a LOT of oc/si fics and by far, Vivian's character is more personable and relatable. God knows I would have probably become a raging killer if I had gone through all the traumas that she has.
Thank you for the update ans Happy Birthday.
11/28/2019 c17 6NguyetMieu
Welcome back with another long update XD. And oh shit I didn’t catch that she didn’t watch OnS Nagoya. That’s gonna be a shitstorm right there.

AND OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (((o(*゚゚*)o)))

If Shinya were to see her killing the humans, I bet $10 that he’s breath out a “Vivian...”. And you just know how boring a vampire can be if Ferid of all people is more interesting ;)

And pfttt did Vivian really compared Crowley to an underwear supermodel?!(look up the image of Crowley in a speedo). By the way I was curious so I looked up the first episode of Nagoya (assuming that Vivian watches the anime as it first came out which is on oct.10.2015) and the release of the Mikaela light novel (dec.4.2015). Did Vivian died after that?

AND HOLY—someone get a pokedex over here ror Crowley real quick X’D.

Yeah take a break every once in a while, but be careful—don’t take too long of a break and you’ll end up losing interest. Thank you for the wonderful chapter as always ;)
11/26/2019 c16 RokenDarkly
Its really hard to find really good Seraph of The End fanfics, and this one is possibly the best on the site! Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/2/2019 c16 Crystal Blue Butterfly
At first I had my doubts in starting to read this story but then, I thought, if I liked a work by this author ... why not another?
And this is how this morning I undertook a trip, certainly interesting and impressive, to this fandom.
(Instead of taking advantage of the time to study. The temptation is great. You are amazing.)
I must confess that Owari no Seraph is not an anime or manga, indistinctly, that I have ever even started.
Mainly because, well, it seemed interesting but never a priority.
... And so the years went by.
I am a little sorry for that. When I started this reading I had to resort to wikia a lot of times to get the references. But I am glad to have found your work, I am very happy that at least indirectly I can enjoy the wonderful work that was an inspiration for this, equally impressive.
There is not much I can contribute as a constructive criticism, because I can honestly say that I love your work. I feel every sadness, resentment, hope and joy of the portrayed characters. I can feel their struggles, resignation. Gains and losses.
I feel every pain and growth.
And it was wonderful.
Thank you for sharing with us, mere mortals, all your effort with this lovely work.
With eagerness, I will be waiting to know what these lovely characters will hold in the future.
It was a pleasure to get here, I hope to continue reading much more in the future.
10/28/2019 c16 Archangel398
Just read the whole fic and loved it, I cant wait for the next update :)
10/26/2019 c16 piapie
really love this fic, no one has really expanded on seraph of the end’s world and i’m impressed with the amount of details and thought put into everything
10/21/2019 c16 ArgentumAuream
You know, In spite of the overall quality writing, I'm rather disappointed in the rather predictable devolution of the protagonist into another selfish hypocrite that gives lip service to empathy and hides behind the convenience of suppressed emotions. At this rate, Vivian will even mourn Lacus should he be killed once you start stepping properly away from canon (or should I say, if?), and the death of the girl that she witnessed him kill will of course be conveniently forgotten. One need only look to her 'threat' to the teenagers about harassing others for supplies as an example of that.

And then there's the glaring flaw in her thinking. Yes the Demon Army leaders are scum, but she obviously knows the foot soldiers are fighting vampires to protect their friends and family, even more so, she knows that soon enough those 'children' she has a soft spot for will grow up and join the army for that sole reason, blissfully oblivious to the dark underbelly of their organization. So the only reason she is conveniently forgetting that fact reeks to me of plot contrivance. And I'm doubtful she will ever actually experience a situation where she will realize/remember it.

At this point I'm even more doubtful she will actually start behaving as a decent person who does not compromise to monstrous behavior. And who doesn't kill people left and right just because they happen to wear the uniform of the Demon Army or because they attack her. The 'Out here its either me or them' excuse is beyond flimsy.

What exactly is the point of your protagonist if, ultimately, she behaves as just another character of Seraph of the End?
10/20/2019 c3 Reader
Ohhh?! Shinya likes her? I support it! Ship! OTP! ShinVivi!
10/16/2019 c16 1P1anoman2020
Finally got an account! I really like the way the complexity of Vivian’s situation is written, and more of Ferid’s schemes and poor Crowley XD. Awesome Chapter!
10/14/2019 c16 Kara-Fire21
Oh ! Nice chapter as always!

Finally I can have some Crowley <3 !

Whatever you’re writing about him count me in ! He’s my fav character ’...

Can’t wait till she met him! And Ferid, sweet Ferid, your schemes are always morbid and cruel but oh so entertaining.

Thanks for the chapter <3 !
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