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2/13/2019 c6 4eragon95159
i see van helsing tv serieis wonam vhen vampire bit her turn into human pernamently(that how they found it vampire bit her fall on groundlike dead and later avake as human)is my idea for her secret ability (good punishment tool in hands of krull when you dont folow rules ve turn you into human)or what to you think on potion black blood is created like in witcher book or witcher 3 game?
1/30/2019 c5 AkazawaIzumi
Another great chapter! Vivian's thought process in this was very entertaining. It's really not that insane, I can see her point. However, I'm surprised she wasn't ever mentally excluding Shinya from her "I want them all dead" speech, like...what Makoto and Shuu as well, shouldn't she know they're part of the JIDA? Or has Vivian's past "real world"-self not known them as characters?
Atmosphere and personalities felt very well captured once again, though.
Also, thank you very much for your kind words, you made me smile as well!
1/28/2019 c5 eragon95159
Only sad because she is late for save Mika and yuu siblings.i have type for new character (like in crossover Helsing/seraph of end Victoria seras)woman in human life want to by mother and have children in vampire state She is oveprotective to children see them as her own after apocalypse as compensation for vampire state block her from have her own children that is why She hate many other vampires for threat children like animals/food (She believe with good care education and little discipline is posible change humanity to better way)
1/27/2019 c4 AkazawaIzumi
Hello there ~ I'm really glad I found your story and I just quickly wanted to let you know!
I've read the entire thing (well...4 chapters, that is) today when I was supposed to study and absolutely fell in love. It's been a while since I've read a promising OnS Fanfic, and I couldn't be happier about finally getting one.
Your writing is amazing, especially considering you're not a native speaker. Neither am I, but to my standards your grammar and vocabulary are very good! The plot so far, and the pacing as well, everything just works out and makes for an exciting story so far. I can't wait for future chapters!
Most importantly though, your characters are spot on, no need to worry so much :D
My one (slight) criticism... how, just how, could it take her so long to realize where she was xD Sure, it was like 8 years until meeting a relevant, recognizable character, yada yada... I guess it's just me, but seeing a guy like that, acting like that, named Shinya. Even through death, a new life and an 8-year gap, I would've made the connection, or at least gotten suspicious. Oh well, it doesn't matter, sorry for my rambling. It doesn't change the fact that I admire your work and creativity. Stay awesome and have a lovely week!
1/22/2019 c4 eragon95159
begining for idea village hiden in leaves near sea vhen isolated comunity vampires and humans live in harmony vampires combined vith aprentices human mages(her idea use magic to help people in building protection healing enchanting combat and more )raise barier to block kaiju from enter .probaly She learn yuu Mika and other children about experimente and yuu make fake escape with lie about his family is killer by vampires (they is moved into hiden vilage to bude from kids spies).Elite guard vampires use uniforms like anbu in naruto(black with animal masks just like in naruto)
1/7/2019 c3 Akira D. Ryusuke
This story is really good! Poor Shinya, he won’t be seeing Viví for a while yet. But fon’t worry, she really is a smart girl! And she’s determined to survive. Your characters are awesome, even knowing what was going to happen I felt a bit sad after their deaths.
1/3/2019 c3 R3mii
This really is quite the underrated story!

I must say I liked- no LOVED the consistancy you are able to keep with a constant sense of characterization for our dear ViVi. I was also thouroughly impressed with the length of each chapter, as you definently don't see many long, well-written fanfictions anymore.

I will definently be looking forward to your next update!
12/28/2018 c3 eragon95159
Make shinia help her escape she awaka some abilities (like in naruto)she found group of friendly vampires and they on far place start build vilage hiden in leaves place where humans and vampires live togethet in harmony .she save yuu family use ilusion on yuu and batory lord only harmed (mika still become vampire)her friends move them into theyr village she tell yuu truth before he meet guren .yuu become her spy in demon army mika spy in other vampires . she make humans become most part of year always barefoot they stop use all footwear after they feet heal into natural shape .
12/16/2018 c2 1haelyeon
I like it that you're being very descriptive and your characters seem to have stayed loyal to their characterisation in the manga/anime. While I was hoping for this to be a Mikaela pairing (hehe) I have a feeling this will into the direction of eternal bachelor number two aka Shinya. Not complaining though. I'm exited for Mikaela's part in your story though.
Now, towards the critic. First of, please let me be your Beta Reader '-'. I noticed a lot of spelling mistakes, errors, grammatical mistakes, sentence structure mistakes and I think your paragraphs are a tad to long (especially for the mobile users). I still have to set up my betareader account. But pm me if you're interested. I could do it pretty fast as well.
Hope to hear from you soon!
12/15/2018 c1 2MCRDanime
Please continue. Update again soon!
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