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for A New Legion

8/2/2020 c9 2Wom1
While the intro wasnt exactly good and the humor at the begining was meh the story started coming into its own soon after with some actually good jokes and the characters felt good once you got used to them (could introduce them better).

Only chapter I actually had a problem with was the latest king arthur one. Merlins prophecy seemed to say way to much, it didnt explain the whetstone, how did arthur stop being the king, and are you just going to shove a major character death into every backstory? Appolyon was fine as you can just say she survived the fall but decapitation is a bit trickier.

Still I fely myself eager for each new chapter after the 2nd and the fic is definetly above average.
6/11/2020 c5 Ferrett
It's spelt heiress
6/26/2019 c8 wolfy
The story's pretty good so far. Can't wait for future chapters
5/9/2019 c9 Nightingale fan
ok I read the entire thing all i am going to say is... is this suppose to be a fucking joke to for honor because if everyone and I MEAN EVERYONE WHO PLAYED THE FUCKING GAME KNOWS THAT ALL THE CHAMPIONS OF ALL FOUR FACTION ARE NOT LITTLE KIDS these slang don't exist the fucking wu-ling staff bitch (because that all he is to me side stepping loser) is less then a monk all i see about him is a thug and a retarded child no wonder you only have 22 favs because they why you wrote this shit and made everyone favorite warriors into retarded ass children better yet just delete this because everytime someone new read this they are just going to give you a bad review goodbye trash
4/26/2019 c9 Stone125
this is pretty bad lore is off and I see the "Humour" tag but It has been all but funny, the in your face kinda funny doesn't work in text format it needs to be toned down and to have the characters to talk like real human beings they are all acting like children and it just sucks I am not going to sugar coat this it is bad, not funny I ask you to try again.
4/17/2019 c9 Echoclonet
Can't Wait! :D
3/3/2019 c8 Echoclonet
this is so far really good can't wait to see the other backstories
2/12/2019 c1 Hitler's Moustache
The lore is... really bad.
2/5/2019 c8 NotPlant
Apparently, we can't trust the Soy Sauce Promise, I am disappointed in you.
1/26/2019 c3 Jaket1401
Aha, fellow ledgebringer, I myself am a bringer of justice at Rep 6
1/1/2019 c8 Austin
Ok nice story but that's not how apollyon's origin goes as I know this is fanfiction but apollyon literally has her own origin.
When she was much younger her village was going to be sacked by Vikings and they had hope for a moment when a lawbringer was passing by he would save them. They were wrong as they were not worthy of his protection. And that village got sacked.
Look up the video known as in the mind of :apollyon by king j. grim on YouTube
It will explain her origins better.

Look your story is good but know your lore of for honor as apollyon is a survivor not a liar as she is like mcu thanos in a way as she is doing a noble cause but is a horrific to others as she is trying to make sure that the world's greatest warrior cultures that the wolves will rise among the sheep.

Good luck on the next chapter and hope it comes soon.
I apologize for the flame but I'm a for honor fan and apollyon is my favorite villain and she is not like that.
Happy new year.
12/30/2018 c1 RadioDeerboi
This is a great story so far
12/21/2018 c7 JP922
Hope 4 Will attack or try kill Team Rwby it so much drama
12/18/2018 c3 Guest
The inclusion of game feats and the 4th wall breaking humor I am not a fan of as it kind of makes it off putting while For Honor is not very serious and jokes are made I think having just jokes that are funny would be best and making it as if it were a game kind of pulls me out of it
12/19/2018 c6 2VGBlackwing
Atomic Blonde, Red Ridinghood those slangs weren't even invented until 1900 plus I know loser was a slang when board games like chess and pon sho(sorry really have a hard time writing the names so Chinese chess) but Loservelle really what are these Champions (really don't know what to called them maybe heroes idk) were they fucking teleport from to the 21st century back to the Medieve time and teleported to RWBYverse because their is a huge fucking gape please if these 4 faction fighters talk like this pretty sure their attitude would be a sadistic and psychopathic killers because they act like little kids in adult bodies pretty sure if they were serious they might be serious like almost stoic sure they can joke around but this is like a little kid kind
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