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for Phantoms for the Throne

4/7 c59 marquis.shax
news flash my friend EVERY community is toxic if people don't like a pairing or something they're going to get on you about it it's not JUST Naruto I've seen it happen in Bleach, MHA, and One Piece
3/23 c37 3NpcEmi
between the same pet names, names and similarities. jack and maddie are so dense...I cant believe they havent caught on by now.
3/19 c1 InvcShadow Sucks
come to your profile because you were recommended as good naruto writer, but you deleted the stories
bring them back asshole
3/2 c59 59Fanreader26
so, wait, are you not going to finish this story here? please don't just stop the story here and at least cross upload on both FF net and AO3
12/26/2022 c58 SteelTiger1000
this is a fantastic story and I hope you update soon
12/4/2022 c58 lenoravampire1
Hope u continue with the rest of this story it’s so good
11/29/2022 c58 Kaleigh
Awesome story when is the next update?
11/30/2022 c14 MrNovak
Rwby was a fantastic show. I liked seeing the song again after all this time. Too bad the show went down hill after the original creator died.

Although gotta admit, Ruby Rose’s character design and concept were and are still badass and awesome.
10/25/2022 c58 Otaku-king-389
Is this story still being worked on
8/27/2022 c58 Guest
Please continue. Don’t leave us on a cliffhanger like that lol
7/27/2022 c56 ryuofhi99
I hope more are to follow soon i really love this story!
5/8/2022 c1 Guest
You should continue this story as well. It’s great.
5/6/2022 c58 Guest
Awesome story love it hope you update it soon
3/10/2022 c27 tims7265
have a guy show up and hes the home insurance and he says don't worry its payed fully
2/20/2022 c58 4DA Exodus
This was a great chapter. The interactions between everyone else was really funny. I also enjoyed towards the end where we get to see how the battle lines will be drawn
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