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for Hiccstrid smut-shots

1/26 c13 Guest
I love this it’s perfect
5/20/2023 c1 This was
Okay. I'm interested in this type of stuff and it actually is Very nice. I wish I was Astrid in that situation with hiccup because its just.. Oh my lordylord Idk how to describe it. In five words, Amazing, Detailed, Awesome, How to train your dragon almost canon, Cool.
2/26/2023 c15 ok ok
Gay asf
4/25/2021 c2 Guest
dude i love your work so detailed and you really capture their personalities. Thank you.
2/18/2021 c31 Shagdrag
What about an idea where astrid is blind and let's hiccup do whatever he wants.
2/13/2021 c31 ficscribe01
This was fantastic! Would love to see you do a chapter about panties or crossdressing.
1/25/2021 c32 6CalvinFujii
Modern AU Hiccstrid & NightLight (Toothless and Light Fury/Nubless) foursome
1/16/2021 c1 1RogueCatalyst
1/11/2021 c22 Lamentation420
please make one with a female toothless x hiccup having sexual relationships
1/3/2021 c1 Guest
6/17/2020 c1 Zaid97
Superb concept and very well written.
Keep up the amazing work
5/8/2020 c31 6CalvinFujii
Is this series complete or still continuing?
4/16/2020 c31 johnymike98
I was wondering if you could mabey do merida x hiccup x astrid with merida and astrid possibly having a wedgie fetish (aka likes recieving them( if no on the wedgies i understand
Or mabey hiccup x harem (astrid/heather/camicazi/merida/ruffnut possibly woth astrid as the main girl or the one in charge
2/8/2020 c1 NightFuryWarlord
Can you do a genderbent Hiccstrid with a sexy but dumb hiccup and a smart Astrid?
12/1/2019 c28 A Plump Hutt
Can you write a hicup smut whete its right after how to train your dragon 1 and he still feels insecure and useless and astid “finds ways” to make him feel important and he os blind
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