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for Hiccstrid smut-shots

10/15/2019 c28 Guest
What about... a Fem Hiccup x Astrid modern AU, where both girls are walking in public with remote controlled vibrators in their pussies, but both girls got the remote for the other's vibe.
9/22/2019 c26 1XSLS
I don’t think you need to warn people it’s sex before marriage, every culture had that happen
Cultures that weren’t Christian etc
Some cultures had a lot more sex then u think
I also don’t think it needs a warning because who the hell is a Virgin in their wedding night? I sure as hell won’t be, I don’t know anyone, everyone I know lost their virginity at 15-16 it’s normal in our modern day culture
I understand why u are doing
Regardless, I enjoyed the chapter
9/1/2019 c28 Guest
can we have (hiccup Harem) please !
8/9/2019 c28 Johnathen
Can you do merida x hiccup x astrid
8/8/2019 c28 thor94
hot threesome.
I really like frostcup smut, i would like to see more of them with dominant and top jack (sadly most of frostxhiccup adult stories involve dominant top hiccup)
8/8/2019 c1 A Plump Hutt
Please do a paint ball competition with the Gabe boys vs girls where looser has to do what where the loosing team has do do whatever their significant other wants them to for a week including public sex between Astrid and hiccup
7/22/2019 c1 2virus47
Please do some HiJackStrid and HicRetStrid!
6/4/2019 c26 guest
Do hiccup x astrid x toothless x light fury
5/19/2019 c21 Guest
Sorry had to skip this growing up in an abusive family :.(...but dont worry i have m bf to save me when it becomes to much

P.s. Love your writing style
4/25/2019 c22 1HiccstridLover16
I love all of your one-shots so far. Can I request another Toothless, Hiccup and Astrid one shot during the time of rtte.
4/20/2019 c25 Calvin
Sorry about that, I accidentally pressed send before writing my ideas down. Anyways, here they are:

AU Hiccup and Astrid marry earlier (pre-HTTYD2) and consummate their relationship with wild, raw, and untamed sex, almost like they were dragons. Cut to post-HTTYD2, their children (triplet girls, with a newborn boy on the way) ask them where babies come from, leaving the two parents flustered.

Post-HTTYD3 Hiccup and Astrid have a healthy sex life and the following scenes are montages of how strong their sex lives are.

Demon AU Hiccup the Incubus and Astrid the Succubus are two demons who want to spend the rest of their lives with someone special instead of constantly having one-night stands. They meet each other, fall in love, marry, and then start having untamed sex.

Hiccup and Astrid invite their friends to an orgy, where they all fuck each other senseless.
4/20/2019 c25 Calvin
Here are some ideas that came to me
4/19/2019 c25 Guest
Hi Snow! Just saying as a suggestion that this would make a good one shot for 200 fan shot. Not the smut of course! But about when and where Stoick found the condition and him getting comfy in village life(maybe even have him tell them what his life was like)or flashbacks,
3/16/2019 c21 Calvin
If it's alright with you, I have a some more ideas:

Hiccup and Astrid are having sex when their children walk in on them and question what they're doing, leaving the two parents very embarrassed.

The gang commenting on Hiccup and Astrid's sex lives whilst said couple are making love in their home.

Dragon Hiccstrid having sex as a rite of passage. The other dragons watching them do some commentary on their sex.

AU where the dragons don't leave Berk and Hiccup and Astrid are joined by Toothless and the Light Fury, the latter whom is curious about mating with other individuals.

Keep up the great work!
3/15/2019 c22 Calvin
Not what I was thinking, but it still works. The reason why I thought about adding the Light Fury in was because I have a feeling not only do Furies mate for life, but they also have an open relationship to others they see and deem worthy of being their mate’s second. Basically, a polyamorous relationship akin to those of lions and wolves. In my scenario (an alternate ending to The Hidden World where the dragons stay with the Vikings), the Light Fury and Toothless become curious to Astrid and Hiccup’s mating rituals (in dragon terms that is) and soon want to experience it for themselves. Toothless starts by licking Astrid’s pussy and anus, whilst the Light Fury begins to give Hiccup a blowjob. The two dragons then have sex with the two humans (Toothless mounting Astrid, who admits having a dragon dick in her pussy feels great, and Hiccup mounting the Light Fury, who comments on a dragon’s cloaca being spacious and easy to thrust in and out of) before switching partners (Toothless with Hiccup and the Light Fury with Astrid). Toothless and Hiccup do a double handjob with each other and Astrid and the Light Fury get into a 69 position where they eat each other’s pussies out before all four climax. In the final act, Hiccup gets into missionary with Astrid on the Light Fury’s belly while Toothless penetrates his mate’s pussy with his dragon dick, with said dick rubbing against Hiccup and Astrid’s assholes. The Furies then begin to lick the two mating humans sensually, causing all of them to cum. Afterwards, with Hiccup and Astrid cuddling in between the two panting, tired Fury dragons, Astrid comments how they should do this more often, with Hiccup voicing his agreements. Toothless and the Light Fury simply purr and moan at the thought they could make love with their human friends again. They all agree to have another foursome sometime before they all fall asleep. Meanwhile outside the Haddock household, a random old guy (Stan Lee) has heard everything that happened inside. He turns to the audience and says, “Oy vey. Those four could really lay off of the mead. That stuff can drive your sex drives crazy like the dickens.” This is just my idea anyway. Keep up the great work and the good lemons coming!
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