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for Onward

3/13 c9 22YesMadamePresident
Amazing! It's just like Lucien to hurt himself the first day back on the job. Everything about this is perfectly adorable. I love all nine of these chapters, great job!
3/13 c8 YesMadamePresident
Yesss Lucien and Matthew are the best of friends! I'm so glad he apologized, genuinely. And asked Matthew to be his best man! Love
3/13 c7 YesMadamePresident
Aww, the fact that he felt the need to ask for confirmation that she loved him. And of course she does! But he needed to hear it. A painful episode indeed, but a wonderful chapter.
3/13 c6 YesMadamePresident
This is such a precious, fluffy scene between the two of them, but you also show that Lucien is thinking about the affidavit and feeling guilty. Great chapter!
3/13 c5 YesMadamePresident
Jean is so sweet! It's lovely that she chose to respond to his irritability with love and tenderness
3/13 c4 YesMadamePresident
Oof, Lucien is making the wrong decision here. But I like the way you show his thought process. It makes a lot of sense.
3/13 c3 YesMadamePresident
Ahhhhh Lucien and Jean are too cute! And I love Charlie - nope didnt hear a thing!
3/13 c2 YesMadamePresident
I love how respectful Lucien is! He's willing to wait for her forever if that's what it takes. Also I just love that Jean told him about her almost going to his room. Such a great missing scene!
3/13 c1 YesMadamePresident
This is so cute! I love that they told Cec, plus how happy he was for them. Adorable!
5/5/2020 c2 6MissusH
Whoa buddy!
8/29/2019 c9 pumpkinspicelove
I enjoyed the way you filled in the gaps with these stories. Very sweet and humorous, too. About time these characters had some happiness!
7/25/2019 c9 Grilledcheesebandit
I Really enjoyed this! Thank you
2/28/2019 c9 33x-La vie en rose-x
This makes me want to rewatch series 5 again! So lovely! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo
2/28/2019 c3 x-La vie en rose-x
What wonderful after scenes! Well done!
1/14/2019 c9 37seven dragons
This is such a fun chapter. I love the conversation between Matthew and Lucien in the car.
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