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for Harbinger of Doom

4/3 c10 Guest
You changed the name of this story again, FOR THE FIFTH TIME!

Pick a name for the story, AND F$& #%£ STICK TO IT!
4/3 c10 Chaosmar18
If the dark lord is Satan then he has not forgotten the betrayal nor will he have mercy to those who fail him. I would love to see the other factions find out the doom slayer is back.
3/31 c1 LoudHaddock5725
bonkxd doesn't know anything about doom lore. lol
3/26 c1 bonkxd
doom guy is fucking weak my dude xd hsdxd world has people that can destroy planets in top 10 while doom guy can do what? shoot bullets? this doom wank is becoming pathetic and delusional
3/18 c1 SolarAquarion
Ancient God's: Part 2 makes this more interesting
3/11 c10 aliveyr1
this hasnt been updated in a while...
3/8 c10 sebitor
2/14 c10 Guest
That Doom x arifuerta definitely sounds like a good one if you are gonna write that then you have my support 100%
2/6 c10 1DDXIII
you have changed the name again, hope this is its permanent one, its hard to search for it unless you have a follow
2/6 c10 1Malgrath
Add Gabriel to the harem, please.
Update please.
2/3 c5 God of crossovers
Surprisingly wholesome reunion for a DOOM fic
1/30 c10 raitoddragneel
Arifureta x Doom please! That one sound interesting.
1/21 c3 RARE2000
I don't think I like teenager Doom Slayer. The strange POV shifting and edgy melodrama kinda undermine the Doom Slayer bits, feels more like a Self-insert that lived through Doom2016 before waking up in DxD.
12/29/2020 c6 Broade or daniel
I dunno why but seeing the slayer with kids make me smile every time so wholesome
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