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for Harbinger of Doom

6/17 c11 3Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R
Nice! Also, good on you for focusing more on plot, less on titties. Show was over the top about that aspect...
6/8 c11 klexxsnyg
You should kill yourself loser
6/8 c2 klexxsnyg
You should kill yourself loser you should just stop writing all you do is ruin characters
5/27 c3 1Testarossacain
This isnt a Doom Story, rather an SI with Doomguy's arsenal and powers as a Sacred Gear.
He dont even act like himself.
Relying on others? He tore people apart.
Cautious? This is a guy who dives in Demonic Moshpit without a single thought. He got nerfed for the sake of plot convinience. You should have mafe him SI, not literally Doomguy its just messing with his image of aggression and Chadness.

Even crackversions are much well done in terms of making Doomguy more like Doomguy.

This is just practically SI.
Sorry, wont bother another boring SI dressed as an amazing character.
5/20 c11 curlyboy01
Wish you would update this
5/18 c11 Guest
Really enjoyed this fic, laughed my head off at the Doom Pool bit
5/16 c8 Axccel
He should have refused to play along and call Sirzechs out. It is IMPOSSIBLE that Sirzechs didnt' already know the truth about Kuroka's situation from the very beginning. The only thing in his favor is that, if I remember correctly, he did indeed bring down the hammer on the devils who participated in the nekomata genocide and tried to save them. Regardless, it is not believable that there was no investigation.
5/16 c7 Axccel
They're damn lucky she's not a rabbit.
5/16 c3 Axccel
Honestly, he should have killed them on the spot. By threatening him for being a strong human outside of their control, from his perspective it would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are a threat to humans. If they were not, they would have no problem with a strong human not being controlled by them. Instead, they threatened to kill him if they didn't get whatever it was they want. So, either A) they intend harm to the humans and see him as a potential obstacle or otherwise a problem to that, or B) they are so egotistical that they're a threat to everyone around them anyway. Even though we the audience know that it's C) they're just that stupid, he doesn't know that.
5/16 c2 Axccel
Well, he was the Doom Slayer who terrified Hell long before he had his armor and sword. That's why the demon who made his armor is considered a traitor. If he wasn't already feared by Hell, the other demons wouldn't have cared or even known.
4/10 c1 darthkratos24
I'm pretty sure they said that yea his William Blazkowicz the third technically... If you're going off of doom guy being William Blazkowicz... descendent of William Blazkowicz the nazi killer aka terror Billy.

But mixing the two together is a safer bet especially since you didn't know during the making of this chapter that yes the slayer is doom guy. So all those "slayer v doom guy" things that came out now look Hella silly and I love it! Lmao
3/15 c11 Enri M. Louvre
10/10, amazing story!
3/13 c1 thaqiftalip
Can I take inspiration from these story?
3/8 c11 Guest
3/7 c1 Guest
Yow Wacko, I think you uploaded the wrong chapter 1 here buddy
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