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8/18 c6 Guest
Thank you for this other chapter.
5/12 c3 pati456632
are you going to update again i really like the pLot
12/14/2019 c3 Guest
Thank you for this other chapter last month.
10/12/2019 c2 Kevin Fans
Kevin would be going to school at Ilvermorny. (Which is a wizarding school in America just in case nobody knows). But which house he'd be sorted into, I don't know; perhaps Horned Serpent House. And his blood status would be muggle-born. Buzz would hate Kevin even more for having magic, openly calling him a "freak" without an iota of remorse, just like Petunia Dursley née Evans along with her husband and son. Frank would hate Kevin even more just the same as Buzz would. But Fuller would be the only McCallister that thinks Kevin being able to magic is "super-cool," which makes his father bitch-slap him across the face for supporting "freaks." Kevin might even conisder Ilvermorny to be his "real" home, not 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illinois because he's the "designated black sheep" of a VERY dysfunctional family. And every Christmas, he'd stay at Ilvermorny, away from his family's severe mistreatment, unfair and outlandish punishments for things he's not responsible for, and not being blamed for "ruining Christmas" by them. Kate might beg Kevin to come home for Christmas, but Kevin coldly tells his mother that he is home (Ilvermorny), presumably even disowning himself from his birth family. Perhaps even the Magical Congress of the United States of America, or MACUSA (America's wizarding government) might do a background check on certain muggle-born students and see if they were victims of abuse before coming to wizarding school. When they find out about the McCallisters' negligence and mistreatment of Kevin, they'd pass on the information to their muggle counterpart and send for the muggle police to arrest Peter and Kate for their poor parenting of Kevin.

Peter and Kate would have their parenting rights taken away from them, and their visitation rights of Kevin would be prohibited for life because of their negligence of him and their own mistreatment of unfairly punishing him.

Kevin would be placed in a "magical" social service care system, which makes him more than happy that he won't have to deal with anymore mistreatment.
12/19/2018 c1 28Sakura Lisel
You should let Kevin watch R rated movies at his age. *lol* depending on the time period (I remember the Home Alone series, but not what year the original Mcaulky Culkin version came out) the movie came out in, NOBODY really cared about things like movi age ratings, and let their kids watch whatever they wanted no mattet what the rating was. Kept thing quiet and peaceful back then, especially if you have you had one tv for entertainment and lots of kids around (like the McAllisters) all wanting to watch whatever is currently on it. *lol*

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