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5/26 c7 403headed-dragon
I Love the use of a different contract and I really love that Samui was chosen as the pairing as she's an under used character and because she wasn't really used in the anime you have so much freedom in what you can do with her without her being OOC
5/1 c7 2Noitaerc
Let me guess, Ayame Ichiraku was making threats along the line of using Kisame as a cooking ingredient? In graphic and fully descriptive details? Maybe even going so far as to recite the recipe's instructions she made on the spot for him? Or is she keeping that tirade for another time?

I feel pity for all the teams that will have to face Naruto in the Forest of Death (Training Ground 44) during the Chunin Exam. He and his summons will trap the place to hell and back to the point many will be begging for a revision of rules.
4/25 c7 14thunderofdeath97
uh spiders are meh, gross and sound both boring and disappointing, lol
4/21 c7 Guest
Spiders is a good contract for Naruto. Can't wait for the next chapter.
4/20 c7 6ShinigamiSeniade
OMG I love Lucas! Interesting choice for spider summons, I don't think I've ever seen that used before. Glad you wrote another chapter! Have an awesome day!
4/20 c7 TigrezzTail
Spiders are a nice choice. I have yet to see someone choose them when it didn't involve naruto and the Aburame directly. should prove fun! And guess they finally found something that will get true ire out of Hiruzen.
4/20 c7 1Uber Ghidorah
Would love to see Kumoko from "I'm a Spider, So What?" show up if Naruto has a spider contract.
4/19 c7 28Kairan1979
Spider Clan? Jiraya will be SO disappointed.
4/19 c7 Icigo Uzumaki
Spider seem to be a pretty good fit for Naruto. I personally think another arachnid would have been a better fit being scorpions. Especially with his chakra chains having bladed ends to be used like a scorpion tail. But other than that I can see where you’re coming from as there’s more to something being the right summon than just the weapons the person uses.
4/19 c7 4597boss
I love this!
4/19 c7 2ranma hibiki
I just have to say...much much (much!) later on, Kidomaru is going to be peee-iiiiiiised that naruto has a SPIDER summon contract and he doesn't. his reaction will be most..amusing 3
4/19 c7 WearyCurmudgeon
- Samui
Yeah, it kinda surprised me too finding out that she and Yugito were supposedly the same age.

Doesn't show how she interacts with her team (suggested familiarity that hints at being together for years) or that she called Killer B sensei as well (iirc). As it doesn't seem likely that he'd be at the stage of having had multiple teams yet.

So decreasing her age by at least 10 and making her 19 (in the Shippuden era) at most would seem like it could fit.

Would suggest that she didn't chose early graduation, but stalled with it until she had learned everything she could. (Which would seemingly fit her personality).

Karui graduated normally, whereas Omoi did so a year early and the three ended being placed together for their personalities and reigning each other in.

Seems like a plausible scenario to me and explains away their ages of Samui (19), Karui (17) and Omoi (16) in the timeframe where they first showed up.

And Samui already being a Jounin? Well, so is Neji who's 17 in that period. Other two are probably Chuunin, like Lee and Tenten were after Naruto's canon return.


Again, seems to fit.

- Spiders
Nice Spider-Gwen reference too.

And yeah, they do fit.
Also is their Sage mode akin to what the Spider Totem bestows upon its Chosen? (Peter, Cindy, Gwen, Jessica, Julia, Anya, Ben(?), Miles, Miguel etc.

The danger sense would be a good way to counter the Sharingan's future sight as well.


Although, I do suspect there will be some issues with the Aburame over this. Or that multi-armed kid in the Sound Four.

- Correction (?)
*... Contract sealed he looked up at Echidna who approached, dropping some venom onto his palm ...*

You were calling her "Arachne" before.

And technically an echidna (Knuckles from the Sonic franchise is one) is a marsupial not an arthropod.
4/19 c7 2Rogue-eL
I like it. It seems fun and a little cool. Hope to see more and about the spiders will he be able to communicate with the other spiders in the world for like spy network sense at least he is the only one that has or is a part of the spider clan at least I think that is what you are applying or am I just bing fucking stupid.
4/18 c7 11Mukuro234
This is awesome! I've just one little complaint I guess you could call it why did it have to be spiders! (Pout)
4/18 c7 1Firestar Prime
Not a bad summon, unique that's for sure.
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