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9/23/2019 c2 Debbie Hicks
3. The Time Hss Come
then the children were ready for a Vulcan christen rite twio little babies wre QuietAna was in robes of the ritual began Marac Aiten you wre different from us the theme music blaring from here was from Holly a Rock Baby her fathe let me see them he was grabbed but God made him with superstrength Whoaaaa! Crashed urp he giggled Marac had superstrength ow That baby is strong like Bamm Bamm Rubble! yes Hi you know you ok She sis fine Dad he's very strong are you her father yes he is very strong like Hercules Young man oops Dad meet my husband birthed twins are you adorable herself was very light how pretty but you are their daughter her giggles Daughter are you ok crap he is very stron the Changed both yuk poop then burped yuk threw it to the trshcan down hey lady you babysit yes it's kids he stinks he's cute watch for his strength he did trew him like him Then who is he From the Flintstones you mean dinosaurs exist yes but this is the Jetsons era you both must act them once they grow up they will be like them Madam oh how little dear I am fine Marac has Herculean superstrength he threw me like Bamm Bamm Rubble he was from Hanna Barbera yes Then that baby is strong Hold him yuk he's very young please be careful then they took the babies now two had three kids hello oh how sweet they are meet our three fro help in time they aged to be kids then Dr McCoy did a dizziest cartoony spin from the bodysuit Jim it's kids my head is pounding sorry Grandpa you ok then Crunched that kid has The strength of a God like him he aged faster so his sister no way yes Watch it sorry hello that was it now a brand new starship built now it had begun there.
12/17/2018 c2 18cphillygirl
The first chapter was good. Poor Ana and SJ I hope that both babies will make it.
This chapter seems to be a repeat of the second chapter of Summons.

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