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for RWBY Liquid Dust

10/23/2019 c10 Luine Mercury LWG
Raider's probably about to get stabbed. A lot.
9/27/2019 c10 therandompers
I reiterate my 'this story makes zero sense' comment.

As i said before, its a not a bad premise but you don't explain anything and its just a bunch of un introduced weird ocs talking to each other then other characters have conversations about things that seem to have no bearing on past events.
9/27/2019 c1 Guest
“Liquid Dust” sounds like a euphemism for meth.
4/2/2019 c7 Guest
I have a question for Raider:what do you and the rest of team REKN look like?
4/1/2019 c1 paige
dam this seems intersting, keep writing itm i wonna know what happens next, great work
3/3/2019 c6 therandompers
This story is really weird, mostly cause there is zero explanations for who/what the ocs are.
3/3/2019 c3 therandompers
Well changing perspective every paragraph with no indication is pretty odd.

Oh, and btw. This seems pretty interesting, even if i'm not sure what is going on.
3/3/2019 c1 therandompers
Btw, people normally put dialogue on its own line. Instead just in paragraphs.
1/28/2019 c2 SmoothedBeast36
It is an interesting story so far. Keep it up.
P.S. weather is wrong (you put weather as in rain, thunderstorms, that kind of thing) it is whether.

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