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for Promise to the Past

6/11 c47 2ThatLady234
Ohhh! I can’t WAIT for more! I’m excited!
6/11 c47 Josephinejays
Oh dear I almost forget this gem existed, I just move my fanfiction app to my new device and all the folders went blank that I had to rearrange them. All of my HG x Sirius was gone from the folder and I had to find them manually from the downloaded story. But the app was not perfect and sometimes some of the downloaded story did not show. I thought it was everything already. But then I remember hmm what happen to nova and the gang and i realized this story was not in the folder so I try to find it again and reread it XD. And now i’m here to ask, when is the next chapter coming? Pleaseeee
5/27 c47 Adonisx
oh dear this is ever so exciting!
5/21 c47 XSiderX
Wait wait. What about Death Eaters? It’s finished? Just like that?
5/21 c47 Aleena Tahira Ka
I love the Hermione and Draco love story!
5/21 c21 XSiderX
So, I’m actually a bit panicked, shocked, overwhelmed and at the same tame turned on. Am I bad for this?
5/19 c47 sarah0406
That was a good story! I particularly liked Narcissa in this one!
5/19 c47 akhutch
I loved the original story, and this golden era extended epilogue is amazing! Please keep going, I’m loving the dynamic with mini-mione and her older self
5/16 c47 1bellachaos
You can't possibly end the story here! I need to know what happened with Draco and Mini-Mione. And that cliffhanger with the newly freed death eaters. I beg you for answers. And also more chapters. I really enjoyed this fic and I'm not ready for it to be over.
5/16 c39 bellachaos
That was super cute. I'm glad they found each other.
5/16 c36 bellachaos
You write a damn good Final Battle
5/16 c25 bellachaos
Okay I'm kinda loving your version of Narcissa. Bit of a badass isn't she?
4/28 c21 Luxo11
So she really isn’t shit even after Moody said she could beat most order members in a duel. You’re just scaling her power to your convenience and it’s irritating. Some people might not mind but I do so I’m dropping this.
4/28 c17 Luxo11
Idk why she lets it get to her when she knows it’s all a trick from old voldy.
4/28 c47 yeohmeishi
Holy moly! I LOVED THIS! Chowed through this story (and my bedtime)
Brilliant xx
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