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for Spider-man: Love Across Dimensions

5/18 c1 sorcerersupreme14
This is so sweet. The Peter x Gwen stuff made me cry. They really do deserve another chance together. Keep up the goodwork. We need more good spiderman fanfiction. There's just so little that feels like it isnt a copypasta of comics or video games. I also recommend The Spider and The Raptor of Life. Both have great Peter Parkers.
4/28 c5 2TheRazgrizDragon
Awesome chapter; thanks for posting!
4/12 c5 Hurrina
I genuinely like this story, so, I'm hoping the other guys are just there as miscellaneous and aren't there for being in the harem itself (for the girls), don't get me wrong, I don't hate them, but, I'm basically just here for Peter x Harem.

Also, adding Ava Ayala/White Tiger would actually be cool, because I feel like she and Peter were really cute in "Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man", alongside Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl from the same show.

There are many other girls, like Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, yes, she's very popular, And Laura Kinney/X-23 is pretty cool, due to her being born in a not very normal fashion. Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat is also really cool, her abilities, especially.

Also, I'd really like if Anya Corazon joins the harem as an additional Spider-person, because, yes.. I thinks she's really cool.

Sorry for being annoying with all these characters, I just like them as characters, and I think they would be written really well, considering the 5 chapters out as I am writing this review/whatever it is. And, I get it if they aren't written in.

You're a great writer(in my, and hopefully other people's opinion.), especially since you can pretty much keep updating multiple stories at relatively the same time. I'd like it if this story went on for a long time, because I really like your writing, and most likely will be reading it for as long as it is written.
4/7 c5 Guest
I like it. Awesome way to introduce Miles.
4/9 c5 6SwordOfTheGods
I had to go back and remember everything that happened up to this point, but that first cliffhanger had me laughing so hard! Hopefully Peter doesn't get in too much trouble for his late alternate's polyamorous life, though it does beg a question. If the portals were snagging people with spider DNA (A la Into the Spiderverse), then why would it only grab Miles from his when there are at least two others in close proximity? You'd think the portals would have grabbed them, too, since they meet the criteria.
4/9 c5 DemDazer
4/9 c5 7Man285
4/8 c5 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Hm! Excellent chapter! This was fantastic! I really can’t wait to see what’ll happen next! As for this Female Goblin... I believe I know who it is, but it’s been a long time since I looked up her character...

And what? Miles has seen Peter with multiple wives?! Is it really the same Peter now? Or a parallel-time traveling version that only can make sense in fanfics and comics? Ugh. Headache! Lol!
4/8 c5 smolhauz
You've got guts taking so long with this interesting story. Worth the wait for sure but still.

So, it ain't bad. Errors exist sure but it isn't as bad as the earlier works in your account. Keep up the good work, hope to see your work at the end of the pandemic.
4/8 c5 6Arrexu
pls update!
4/8 c5 Re Lovely Lover
At first this made me think of another story I had been really hoping would continue updating. It seems most of the time I find a damn story it gets dropped within the next few chapters at best.

Of course the authors never bother to at least leave a last posting letting everyone know what they intended for or thought up for th story. So at least it doesng fade away in the back of their mind unknown to everyone who had been interested.

Anyway the story being Peter dying and a new one being there to be the new spider man. Gwen, an older pessimistic peter, spider pig, Peter's granddaughter? with the mech. All showing up and the MC getting blown off for being useless because he literally just came into his powers and they're unwilling to deal with the hassle being in a rush.

Though some romance was kicking in and there were talks with May Parker and even Happy giving the MC a suit at the last chapter.

I quickly realized this wasnt that though but WAS yet ANOTHER story I had figured went away into the ether as well.

So I'm just going to ask. IF this is going to get abandoned. "Please" just do a final post and just let people know what had been thought up or at least considered. Even if it's not thought out or detailed, its SOMETHING.

I've got over a thousand followed stories and not one could bother to do so. That's ignoring all the stories on other sites like Royalroadl as well.

I'm beyond sick of the disappearing acts with no info. More so when most are dropped early so theres really nothing to even guess on what was intended.

I'm to the point where whenever I come across supposed large harem or mass harem stories listed I KNOW it's unlikely ANY will even get beyond first girlfriend IF that. That I find myself at least verbally being a sarcastic ass knowing what's NOT to come.

With the exception of those crappy ones that have every girl throwing themselves crotch first at the MC in the same or near the same chapter as they first meet the MC. True snag and forget stories just collecting and forgetting crap.

-_-; Sorry for the rant. I'm just so damned sick of it.

Moving on.. good chapter and curious where this is going to go.

Really sad though about Miles world. His version of Peter had an amazing harem only to die young and now his harem are widows. (Not a spider pun).
4/7 c3 1Kryn Womble
Urgh, does MJ have to be a part of this? I know she’s apparently going to become the Spinnerette later in the fic but we already have a large count of women who are easily more interesting.
4/7 c5 SmacksKiller
Great chapter! I'm always happy to see more quality Spider-Man content!
4/7 c5 LoamyCoffee
I should've guessed Miles would show up! Many dimensions, many pairings.
4/7 c5 2Vein Bloodborne
She-Goblin going up to Kingpin for a ‘business’ proposition? Things are going to get ugly.

Miles suddenly blurts out that not only was his Peter married, but to MULTIPLE women?... yeah, Peter’s going to die.

Keep up the good work and stay safe.
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