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1/25/2019 c4 5Cressida123
Omg! I'm so sorry! I meant to review earlier, but stupid school got in the way. I've legit been sleeping for 4 hours and getting up 6 this entire week. Ha ha... I'm dead inside. School sucks.
You're don't worry about Doc manager. Fanfiction does the weirdest stuff. Like, a couple of months ago when I was posting a chapter, it wouldn't let me say Mr. Forkle because I didn't put a space between the period and Forkle. Bleh. And not realize it was a melder Also, even though it was confusing, it was really creative to add the aspects in here! I think the mysteriousness of them gave me a feeling of confusion and worry in an otherwise chaotic situation for Rowan*P.s how has he not murdered you yet? Lol* And about you thinking Sophie's an idiot... I gotta go sharpen my kitchen knives :D. Just kidding. Or am I? Actually, I really am kidding. People can I have there own opinions, and, personally, I agree and don't like other stuff about Sophie as well. Like, dude, she's supposed to be different than elves but is still incredibly racist- don't know if they consider it racist there though- when it comes to humans. Stupid elves, with their stupid superiority complex's.
Anyway onto the actualy review! Took me long enough. Sorry if i talked too long ;D. Yeah,sorry to say but you just made me more confused about the aspects. Are they actual people? What are losts? UGH! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME! And who's Fulcrum? I'm also gonna assume that Project Flaredon has to do with the Neverseen? And, while I'm at it, that Sophie was the one in his mind?- she did trandmit halfway across the world, after all. Again: SO. MANY. QUESTIONS! And to Sandor: "What did you really he'd stay put after you drugged and kidnapped him! Or that he'd live here! Dummy."
1/13/2019 c3 Kotlcfan11
I love this so much you are an amazing writer I can’t wait for the next chapter!️️️️️️️️️
1/14/2019 c3 7Fantasia Komix
Hello. I am just going to say that all questions will be answered during the story. Or maybe I will just let you stew in your own curiosity.
1/13/2019 c3 5Cressida123
Aw! Thank you! I like reading and reviewing your story too! It's awesome! And as for REALLY looking into stuff, it's kinda a habit- cuz of course I can't just read and enjoy a story! No*sarcasm) Lol. But I'm glad to be of help!*hugs!*
Okay, I'm gonna be honest about this chapter... I was SOOOO confused, at first. I was just like: "Wait! Who's Panic and Sarcasm!? What is that tornado?! WHAT IS GOING ON! Then... I realized that those where aspects of Rowans personalty and the white drug was the tornado*facepalm* Also, I had to look up what a Dyradic was andddd... I'm gonna go sit in the corner. Oops. Sorry. My bad. But, seriously, this was really creative! In Nightfall, they only describe the drug as being stuck in a depe sleep with a headache that felt as though mastodons were trampling your head... I think. Too lazy to actually find it. But this was very enjoyable way of describing and I know myself how hard it is to write pain-*cough cough* inflicting- so props for you! The rest I got. But I'm curious: What is Project Flaredon? Why did Sophie put him back in the Forbidden Cities? So. Many. Questions! But don't worry about how you displayed Sophie. I have a habit of making the elves seem more evil than they are and even though her methods were kinda far, she probally did them for a good reason. Hopefully? And lol. Rowan said it was bio first chapt. Though I'm glad you liked the description. And I feel as though Sophie was swayed by a pretty face and just forgot common sense. Or she doesn't have that much common sense. I know some people who are really smart but have set their desk on fire before. If it was me, I was kicked Fitz where the sun don't shine and bolt to my , yeah, really like how untrustful Rowan is.
1/8/2019 c2 Cressida123
That was wonderful! Though I doubt Sophie has it in her to drug someone. Wait, she did inflict on people, and that's super painful, so... never mind. And don't worry about the similarities between Ruwan and Sophie too much! As I said before, you never plenty of time to make him his own character, and every character has to Starr some one where. So, again, don't worry about it. Though there is something that like about Rowan personally: he's not very trusting. I didn't like that about Sophie, how she was so quick to abadon her family for these ramdom strangers she just met tellinf she's an elf. Rowan seems as though he wouldn't the elves crap so easily, and I like that a lot. Seems more realistic. Also, your welcome on the description of you writing! Just realized Rowan was writing it like a bio. Lol.
1/7/2019 c2 2MoiMe0
1/3/2019 c1 5Cressida123
This is cool. I like you're writing style- kinda like it's in present day happening right then, but also kinda like he's telling the story from the future. I find Rowan interesting too- though he is a little like Sophie, if not more detached and a bit more sarcastic ;D. But I just know you'll probally diverge from Sophie's story and character as you progress! Keep on writing! It's awesome!
12/21/2018 c1 Somebody Random

This i G. Please keep writing, don’t lose inspiration!
12/20/2018 c1 9RedHeadWonder
Okay, this story is amazing! You’re an awesome writer! I can NOT wait for the next chapter! Please update as soon as you can, I’ll be waiting!

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