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3/9/2019 c1 Fan of kailex
Hey awesome job,
Can you write one form kaidens perspective after the kiss in Vardasia under the satrs?
2/14/2019 c1 Keira
Hi. It’s really sad that u aren’t writing anymore. If ur passionate about writing I think you should keep pushing on because you should never give up on something you love. don’t listen to anyone else about what they think. Don’t rush yourself or think it’s not good enough. Just write about stuff that u love and remember what u loved reading and create your favourite scenes. Let Vardaesia inspire you!
All the best
12/19/2018 c1 5child of dionysus
I know how you feel, having to juggle things you love. Never give up writing. Even if you write a sentence on you hand on the train, never give up writing. You never know what the future has in store. Even if you never publish here or anywhere else, keep writing.

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