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for Kamen Rider of Halkeginia

6/8/2019 c3 8The Keeper of Worlds
6/7/2019 c3 8TheOkWriter
I would have been ok with just using the Zi-O, I would have been ok with Raja being his name.
3/22/2019 c1 SaitoKamenRider
I'm disappointed to see that in the Foz/Kamen Rider crossovers, there is never Saito in Kamen Rider, only ocs.
3/21/2019 c2 8The Keeper of Worlds
That’s pretty badass!
3/20/2019 c2 3hyper-gamer-x
what!? do you know, raja in my country language mean 'king'! where are you come from!? and by the way, it's nice enough please continue
12/23/2018 c1 19reic.2410
Continua y publica el siguiente capitulo. Me muero de ganas de ver como harás que se enfrente a Guiche
12/20/2018 c1 dark knight discord
me gusta
12/19/2018 c1 reynardgautama
Nice and interesting story

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