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9/18/2020 c22 NightHowler0
My favourite of your stories so far, this is amazing!
7/16/2020 c22 Zelda
I really like this story and would love to have a don just like pick up I could not put it down and some of the scenes were more hotter than the others. It was really well written and I really enjoyed it definitely want to save in my favourites so thank you very much for writing it
4/11/2020 c1 9PBailey
So reading this again, I'm noticing the conversation is a little unclear sometimes. When I think it's Hiccup speaking, it might be Astrid, or vice-versa... Just a little criticism, but I'm hugely impressed with every piece of your artwork.
4/5/2020 c22 NydiaLoLo
I'm glad you were able to continue this story to the very end! I'm sad to see it end, but am glad that I have a conclusion to it! Thank you and it was a great story! :)
3/27/2020 c22 HeadintheCloudsRealist
Well I had to let it simmer a bit in my head because this was really a heavy fic for me. Without going too into details, it resonated a lot with me.
It started off incredibly light, fluffy, and smutty. Then you dropped little bullets here and there and must I say it was infuriating not knowing the whole breakup situation, I applaud you on that.
Enjoyed how dominant you made Hiccup but as time went on, you showed how much of an invested role it really is, not something you can just switch on and off. Oh my gosh, and so much safety. Much more than just passwords. I mean it's not something you can just jump in to, but baby steps make it realistic. I really admire that you didn't just make him be okay with everything. I mean dominants are displayed as sadistic or having no limits. Nice to see he wasn't comfortable with some of Astrid's ideas and that she ACCEPTED that. Sure later he tried what she wanted but out of his OWN WILL.
I acknowledge your expertise in the material, it showed through the characters. As their relationship grew, you still stayed true to their personalities. Not once did it feel out of character. Astrid places her confidence in Hiccup because she trusts him and you displayed that perfectly here. She didn't push nor pry, not even when she had opportunities. It's not often when a writer stays true to the character, it's incredibly difficult, well done.
While some subjects were a bit difficult for me, you balanced it well with fluffiness and intimate moments. The communication between them and their friends just amazing. Honestly, big reason why I love your fics. I mean that is what makes any relationship work and it's forgotten by so many.
While I'm a Hiccstrid shipper, I couldn't help but be sadden that his previous relationship didn't work out. It just ended so raw and incomplete and painful. I must say I was surprised you didn't have them in a polyamorous relationship in the end.
My only grievance was how everyone in the scene allowed themselves to be exposed. To be honest that was a painful and uncomfortable moment. As someone who tries to be private, that was a difficult read. I know they were trying to help, I suppose it's more of a me issue. Had to take breaks and take deep breaths to get through but happy that at least his parents accepted him.
Chapters were a smooth read and I didn't get lost. You explained very well about her bruise so even if you rushed through that chapter, I was still able to follow along. Honestly if you didn't say you rushed it I wouldn't have known.
You've mentioned it took a toll, sorry to hear that. You've taught me so much and I'm grateful for that. Terrified me to see red flags in relationships, now that I know better. Well this got away from me. I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention some things but realize this got pretty long. Now on to Changed
3/21/2020 c22 OnlyOnTumblr
Has it really been over a year? Wow. I suppose thats right tho, if I’m remembering correctly, this was Kinktober wasn’t it? Well, either way, my comments on the end:
1. (T_T) (T_T) MY HEARTTTTTT oh my GOSH that had to be the sweetest most perfect ending Hiccup is HEALING and Astrid is HAPPY and they are basically together forever and i just ADORE IT \(_)/ i love happy endings :D
2. I’m going to be another token “i learned something!” Person, but seriously I DID. Sex hasn’t ever been as important to me as other things (career, family, etc), and my fiancé is good with my choice to wait until marriage, so I really don’t know what all is out there. HOWEVER after reading this fic, I feel much more confident in exploring all the options out there with him once we do tie the knot. Currently, based on what we have talked about, we both are pretty much exclusively vanillas, but I feel less taboo about drifting into less traditional practices should he agree to that in the future. Its all about trust and pleasure of your partner anyway, plus its our business alone how we choose to practice it, so yeah. I feel better about it all. Thank you :)
3. YOUR COWRITER IS SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD i mean i already love your writing and have read all of your fics i’m comfortable with but like this story was AMAZING and i know you’ve said before the pacing and story beats come from them so please share this with them that i am screaming and am virtually shaking their hand because I LOVED IT! anyway, yeah, send my love to the co-writer, you guys are a great team *\(_)/*

Ok this is getting really long, anyway, to summarize: i love this story, and it has been quite a roller costar ride, so i sincerely appreciate your perseverance through rude and basically uncalled for comments to finish it anyway. Maybe its my lack of experience, but I’ve never seen the scene portrayed in such a positive (and i’m assuming realistic) way, it makes me want to strive for that level of trust and love in my relationships, even if sex isnt included in said relationship. I think you do great things for this world, so I hope you are able to continue to find stories you enjoy writing and an audience who enjoys reading them. Thank you so much for sharing :)
3/14/2020 c21 luli585
As someone who is involved with the scene and this lifestyle, this chapter really warmed my heard to read. It’s always great to know that others understand why people derive pleasure from this, and you write so beautifully that even to people who don’t engage in it would get it. You truly are an amazing talent.
3/6/2020 c1 Meepers7
I’m actually a little surprised this didn’t reinvolve Cami but I think it’s better that way tbh
3/5/2020 c21 The Golden Valkyrie
This was very smart handled! :-)
3/1/2020 c20 Guest
i love this so much, it makes my day reading it. Thank you for the update
2/29/2020 c20 11Hazel Topaz the Owl
I hate to see this story go, but it’s better for it to be wrapped up on a good note than for it to dragged out. I’ll definitely be looking out for the sequel. If there is only a couple chapters left, I curious to see if this story will end with either a broken family or a legal battle to fix in the sequel. Guess I’ll find out in the next chapter when Cami explains how bad the Haddock were even with here.
2/20/2020 c19 Hazel Topaz the Owl
If you leaving us on a soap opera cliffhanger, I hope you bust of the “Young and the Restless” theme at the start of the next chapter. And as much as I’m shocked and confused on why Cami is there now of all times, she might actually be part of the solution. I mean I wouldn’t mind Astrid kicking more butt be part of the solution too, but that’s just because they deserve it.

Man this story has come a long way! I never thought is was going to get this deep, but I should known better with how you well you’re other spicy fics. Can’t wait to see where things go from here. Fingers-crossed that Hiccup doesn’t get even more emotionally scarred from here on out.
2/20/2020 c18 Hazel Topaz the Owl
Dammit Ruff! I understand that Thorsons are going to be a bit clueless regardless of the fic that they are in. But damn Ruff, read the damn room. I understand the few verbal slips here and there, but a freaking bondage set! What the actual hell compelled her that it was okay to b ink into the most vanilla household with judicial influence!
This is getting good OMG! I know that Hiccup will be fine with Astrid there for him, but I’m concerned that Stoick &/or Spitelout will bring in legal allegations.
2/19/2020 c19 OnlyOnTumblr
WTF man what kind of a cliffhanger is that? Agggggghhhhhh there arent enough characters and words to best express my feelings on this \(o.o)/ like did someone CALL her? Is her here of her own accord? WhYy is she here? What could she possibly gain? This whole chapter was so sweet and terrifying and just ugh, the LOVE of Astrid for Hiccup and just all of it i just, ugh MY HEART. Poor Hiccup. Tho i am getting hyttd 1 vibes from the making a plan scene and not only was it sweet but it was great! Lol ok i’ve rambled enough, yeah, great chapter, send my love to the cowriter! So excited you decided to continue this story! Thanks for sharing! :D
2/7/2020 c18 Guest
This is incredible. Consumed my life for a week
I love this
Can you write another?
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