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9/23 c15 00esoteric00
Wonderful read!
8/30 c3 prinzjay1998
Tbh a Harry Potter without intentional magic is simply not Harry Potter.
8/5 c11 Reaper1990
Is valor a horntail?
8/5 c3 Reaper1990
What about internal magic rather than external?
7/30 c15 GlumGirl3452
Loved this!
6/16 c1 Verina Du'Arden
Very good so far.
I'm not sure but I think I have read this, or started reading this some time ago... until my computer crashed.
5/24 c15 ktbunyptch
I love this story. I can't wait for a sequel!
5/1 c15 35SharonH
I really enjoyed this. It’s going on my faves. I would have loved Jaime and Lyanna.
And I honestly understand and feel your pain. I’m an Agent Orange baby, and a Camp Lejeune baby. Chromic migraines and fibromyalgia and a laundry list of other things. Thanks for sharing.
4/14 c15 9Romantific
I absolutely love this story, please update it soon.
4/13 c15 Ariadne Venegas
I’m sorry about your father, mine died a month ago, it is hard.

I really like your Harriet Potter! And the story also Azalea is an awesome name!

I’m going to think that Robert died or recaptured and went to the wall. Because another rebellion without a real cause is stupid. The other work because he was using the poor Starks and the mad king as a reason. Now he has none.
2/28 c15 3Aurysadik

I really like this story. There are ideas within that I had never read before.

It's just that it misses an end to me.
Do you plan to write a following story ?
2/18 c1 megamindwriter
Stopped reading when she said she was lady of House Potter, Black, Serpens blah blah...

I genuinely wonder why the author put in such a cliche drivel.

It feels so unnecessary and is probably just an attempt to make Harry look even more special.
1/17 c15 BriSha01
El siguiente capítulo por favor
1/14 c15 Zezette655
Brilliant story ! Thank you for writing it !
1/11 c2 3TheCyanNinja
I love reading plot points
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