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7/14 c15 Wishfull-star
That was a breathtaking story thanks for writing it and stay safe:)
7/10 c1 LordRhyolith
Why bother with a Harry Potter crossover when pretty much everything Magic-related from that world is reduced to nothing.
And the female Harry stuff is basically an OC character, basically just some modern world girly with way too many noble family names.

Also, yeah, the magic of Westeros requires sacrifice because the peeps around here can't generate magic on their own. Or, at least, most can't generate magic to a degree that it can fuel spells and whatever.
The wizards and witches of the Harry Potter world generate magic on their own, so they don't need to sacrifice anything.

But, well, can't argue against the worldbuilding of an author. Your story, your rules.

Still, I'm frustrated with these Harry PotterXASOIAF stories that only pick Harry Potter or whatever for the character and background, so they can have some figure with a backstory, etc. The magic is usually thrown into the trash.
6/26 c15 Ashmo21
Thank you so much for sharing this.
6/24 c14 Le Surviver
Such a great story, thank you
6/23 c1 Seraphy64
Sigh. Another HP crossover where the Harry is nerfed.
6/5 c15 Lamiya ot7
oh I just saw it, congratulations it's completed! and I'm totally speechless with your work.. and truly left me hanging with this ending but I can try to imagine and predict future happening! it was fabulous and one of my favourite if this pair.. if you can ever plan new can we please have one with jon snow, yk out dragonwolf, and obviously with this strong femharry character, because I totally adore azalea and her Slytherin side, especially how she work with whole council.. please if you ever plan do try one with femharry/Jon Snow-Aegon Targaryen
6/5 c15 Lamiya ot7
that somey who is helping him gotta be Lannister, if they still want Kingdom. and it's really interesting because at this point it become game and fight of stark, Targaryen and Lannister, Robert playing his role as pawn if imy not wrong, I think Lyanna and Jaime deserve better in book, both life was not that productive one died really early and other stayed in between father and siblings.. so I think Lyanna and Jaime should be paired up.. they would word together, if Jaime started listening to azalea and Lyanna have strong character even with so much restriction.. please do update soon when you feel like it, I totally love this book
5/23 c15 Marie
Yay indeed! Congrats on completing this story. I very much enjoyed reading along and seeing the plot develop. You've set Azalea and Rhaegar up for success and I wish them well.
5/22 c15 bobcox26
Thanks good job
5/19 c15 Guest
this fic was great! truly a joy to read
5/19 c15 3RedOuroboros
very good story thx
5/19 c15 twinklegoesthesea
5/19 c3 RedOuroboros
another good chapter thanks :)
5/19 c1 RedOuroboros
nice start!
5/17 c15 4Vaughn Tyler
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