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for The Boy Who Said No

5/16 c21 HartleySkarsgard
Big angsty but getting to the meat of it now. I like how they have some allies and not everyone wants to force him to Hogwarts. Looking forward to the next update : )
5/2 c21 Wolvie26
Love it! Can't wait to see what happens next! Hope you update soon!
3/29 c21 Icewrite
You’re doing wonderfully well with this story. It’s nice to read something a bit different. Congratulations.
3/2 c21 1Majerus
That was excellent, totally had me pulled into things, and then...
Cliffie! Nooooo lol
3/2 c21 1rb2312
Nice chapter.

Now Dumbledore has herd sirius tell his side, what will he do.
Had sirius agreed with the old man's 'Harry must go to Hogwarts' line, i have no doubt that albus would use all his power to get him cleared
But with sirius standing by harry's choice, it is not so clear.
Will he still try to get him cleared. Or will he just let what happens, happen. Letting fudge remove a possible obstacle in getting harry to hogwarts.
Wonder if harry will make a surprise appearance to speak in his godfarther's defence. Wonder if dumbles will let him

Can not wait to read more
3/1 c21 whiteoaks
This was sad and depressing and very realistic. I'm looking forward to reading more and hoping Dumbledore finally does something right.
2/28 c21 mr. bumpity
Oh god this is getting good! I have to amitt, I love how Serious told Dumbles to go to hell. Normally I'm half disappointed that he doesn't speak for his god son/daughter behalf. But this right here oh boy, Serious lays his soul bare in a breath taking way. Now lt's see what the fates have in store for our uncertain dogfather shall we?
2/28 c21 510yellow 14
In fairness to Dumbledore (there doesn’t seem to be a lot of that) he DID have good reason to believe that Sirius was guilty. The fact that he went to Azkaban was entirely on him. And he IS correct. Voldemort was always going to go after Harry.

Keep updating
2/28 c21 16Child of Dreams
No, no, no, no, no, no, no...
2/27 c21 mizzrazz72
Dumbledore won't help Sirius. He's too busy playing chess.
2/27 c21 2mwinter1
AWaiting more.
2/27 c21 29Sparky She-Demon
Glad Sirius took Veritaserum!
2/27 c21 23Rori Potter
Poor Sirius. Will he be set free or will he be kissed? Update soon.
2/27 c21 magitech
Very interesting chapter
Sirius was so right in yelling at Dumbledore, I can easily see how he'd have done worse if he'd found out the idiot let him rot, knowing the truth, while using all his power to get a raping, mass murdering and admitted DE like Snivellarse off AND giving his a luxury job at Hogwarts.
And Dumbles did know Sirius was innocent, after all Hagrid told him he'd gotten the motorcycle off 'young Sirius Black', if he'd truly been a DE he'd have AK'd both then and there.

Let's hope an honest Auror was listening to that exchange and realizes how treacherous and self indulgent Dumbledore really is. And the fact he's a coward by wanting to hide behind a child and letting that child do the hard work so he wouldn't have to dirty his own hands.

Dumbles will rectify the situation by making it mandatory for Harry to be put under his thumb and providing more help to his two minions.
2/27 c21 182Luiz4200
I hope there'll finally be a trial.
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