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for The Boy Who Said No

2/27 c21 17griffin blackwood
That was amazing
2/27 c20 5blueoceandragon
AHH! Just started this story and reached the chapter 20 cliffhanger! Don't take Snuffles away!
2/23 c10 AndreiSRL
Now this is a highly plausible description of Dumbles, not truly evil but willing to do evil things if he believes it's for THE GREATER GOOD.
Definitely not the ridiculous hatchet job you see in some stories or the ridiculously obvious propahanda we see in canon.
2/19 c20 Ke1
Sorry, but this awful. Author idiot
2/8 c20 1Majerus
You're brak'n me brain!
2/7 c20 whiteoaks
Continue soon, please (if you can). Poor Snuffles! Great chapter. The combination of emotions was well done.
2/7 c20 1rb2312
Nice chapter.

Glad one of the aurors had a level head. Nice idea with the panic button badge.

Pity sirius got exposed. Hopefully the fact that he was near harry and had not killed him, and was able to get past the wards will create enough doubt to have him questioned. Especially if it can be done before fudge gets involved.
Can see albus pushing for sirius to be cleared. Thinking that a free sirius would lead to him getting harry to go to hogwarts.
And if the questioning was done under truth serum, hopefully someone will point out to fudge how freeing lord black and righting an error done by his predecessor will make him look good.

On a side note. Hope Hermione survives halloween without harry being there.
Actually, i hope she survives, and then her parents pull her from hogwarts, and she joins harry in being tutored.
2/6 c20 182Luiz4200
Sirius has been found. I hope somebody asks him how he bypassed the wards. Or somebody asks Dumbledore.
2/6 c20 3fantasystar78
While it is true that the Dursleys have not have positive experiences with the Wizarding World, I do not think it is healthy for Harry to be so afraid of his magic. This seems like a lose-lose situation. Great story, I look forward to reading more!
2/6 c20 31monbade
ok have to call bs on outing sirus, no where did he give himself away. the auror knew. also if their purebollod they would scream grim
2/5 c20 mizzrazz72
Poor Sirius, he only wanted to be with Harry.
2/5 c17 Guest
Upon that bit of contrivance I think I'll bid you goodbye. I had now problem with your chapter length, style of writing or the content to this point. However, the Podmore contrivance? I just have to shake my head and move on.
2/5 c20 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
2/5 c20 23Rori Potter
Oh my! Woah. Update soon.
2/5 c20 magitech
Well at least one Auror cares about Harry and not their job though it's amazing they are worried about inconveniencing a schools Headmaster than anything else.
If I were the Dursley's I'd be concerned about the power Dumbles wields if Aurors are scared of a jumped up school administrator.

Is Davidson in on it seeing as he somehow 'sensed' an animagus when no one else ever did.
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