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for The Boy Who Said No

2/5 c20 17griffin blackwood
Omg that was amazing! I love how you added that but at the end too
2/4 c19 1Majerus
Wow, that was intense. Thank goodness Harrington was there, she basically kept it from escalating even further. What a mess :(
1/27 c19 Fallow57
xXx Kudos xXx : )
1/26 c19 mizzrazz72
They are pushing Harry to go and Harry won't.
1/26 c19 1rb2312
Ok. I may be reading more into it, but i am starting to think that perhaps a certain old man may have suggested or otherwise Arraigned the park encounter, in order to get harry to go to hogwarts
1/25 c19 17griffin blackwood
I love how you’re using charity
1/25 c19 182Luiz4200
I wonder what the wards define as harm.
1/25 c19 James Birdsong
1/25 c19 magitech
Ah the Aurors, always turning up AFTER the muggles have been abused, it they bother to turn up at all.

I can see why Dumbledore's name would be shit with many non DE inclined Aurors, his was one of the loudest vouces screaming to let all DE's off with no punishment and the flimsiest excuse and did get an admitted voluntary DE off, the revolting Snivellarse Snape, who has proven to be a child abuser to Hogwarts and gets away with it because of Dumbles.
Maybe a question ot ask is How did these two find Harry when no one could for a decade
1/25 c19 3fantasystar78
The Dursleys may have good intentions, and I can see their point of view. But someone’s going to have to intervene here. Harry is a sitting duck! This is a good story and I look forward to reading more.
1/25 c18 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
1/25 c19 23Rori Potter
Oh my. Wow! Update soon.
1/24 c18 1Majerus
I'm finding it exceedingly amusing that you are therapeutically casting chump as your psychotic madman.
Life definitely imitating art... and vice-versa ;)

That was bizarre... complete transparency and even a warning of their future intentions. Huh, well, that's one strategy, now, how will they relate this info to Charity... or will they trust her enough to do so?
1/21 c18 Always Reading Forever
This chapter gave me the chills. A quality of nastiness that is becoming all too familiar in this world. I was spooked reading about Paul Podmore, honestly he scared me more than Voldy could. A person who gets his jollies by dominating the weak. Stereotype - true, but psychotic - even more so...

Followed and Favorited, just based on this chapter. I want to read more about where this goes.
1/21 c18 whiteoaks
The Podmore's are despicable; their actions seem to parallel some of the nastiness we've seen lately in real life. Here's hoping they don't succeed in their schemes. Great addition to the story.
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