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for The Boy Who Said No

1/19 c18 Guest
I'm not sure I want to continue reading this story. It's very well-written and so far I've loved the plot and adore Harry and Sirius/Padfoot/Snuffles, but I'm looking for something more uplifting, not something that explores the deep, dark depths of a loathsome character's fetid imagination. I'll gladly give it a couple more chapters to develop but I'm just not interested in seeing how low Sturgis and PP can go.

On a different note, here's to a much better, cleaner, saner, and ADULT person manning the White House now!
1/18 c18 mizzrazz72
Harry really could have killed them.
1/18 c18 182Luiz4200
What exactly did the Podmores hope to achieve?
1/18 c18 17Child of Dreams
Sturgis Podmore?
1/18 c18 3RyanMK666
Okay sorry where are the aurors for magic being used in a muggle place? Sorry but they would have been there in an instant and those two arrested instantly, dragging this out might seem like an interesting idea, but it could also be a some what bad idea as well.
1/18 c18 1setokayba2n
Too bad they can't just contact the DMLE but is not going to be easy to brew Polyjuice and get the ingredients
1/18 c18 Marshmallowmann
guess i came at the right time :D i just found this story and now you're updating again. noice.
1/18 c18 2GM10
Ah, so they're going to become his personal demons huh?... Aight then, I want Dud to punch and kick them for it.
1/18 c18 5Fritter
Completely lost interest in this.
1/18 c18 kromarg
I wonder what would happen is they saw the real mutt. They would probably flee England. Dumbledore is proving himself as a real coward using punks to get his way.
1/17 c18 1kaijin36
Good idea but those two with polyjuice didn't just break the statute of secrecy fudge try to convict harry for less
1/17 c18 4761394
Ok that’s just sick

Taunting a boy who wants to be left alone
1/17 c18 magitech
Typical of cowardly wizarding kind, the main reason they want Harry is to fight their battles for them.

Hope this solidify his attitude towards witches and wizards as this proves to him just what bullies they are and what depths they will sink to to get what they want.

I've long thought a threat to publicly expose the magical world would be the only thing to get them to back off, and it would be so easy to do.
1/17 c18 12marvynthephoenix
God no! How dare they! This was horrid! You disgusting squib Paul you!
1/17 c18 3fantasystar78
Poor Harry. There really was not much else he could have done. He doesn’t know enough magic yet to control his impulses, and he has been manipulated and used all of his life. This was a good chapter. I look forward to the next installment!
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