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12/10/2019 c2 FearTheFangirl
Great story! Thank you!
2/25/2019 c2 Guest
I love your storie
1/19/2019 c2 118Taliax
I can't believe I missed that this updated! Anyway, this was a great conclusion! Jazz is such a good big sister. It feels realistic that even though Danny trusts his parents, and he's had the incident with the reality gauntlet, he still feels wary about how they'll react. It also felt very real how he wanted to be the one to get to tell his own secret, and I'm glad he got to do that. Thanks for the chapter!
1/15/2019 c2 3Potkanka
That was nice :) Maybe not the way Danny wanted his parents to find out, but at least they finally know, or else he might be postponing it indefinitely. In the end, a bad situation turned into a good one :)
1/13/2019 c2 7jh831
just started reading.
i like what you have so far.
though now that the secret is out, i hope you have danny being less of a coward around his family and act like he does around Jazz and tucker and sam.
i had to laugh when you mentioned clockwork. when he thought clockwork would intervene, i pictured with his enhanced hearing, listen to any clock in the house and start to sweat.
looking forward to the next chapter
1/9/2019 c2 4TherapeuticLobster
This is so good! Update soon!
12/31/2018 c2 5Ectolights
Soo cute! I love the transition from being on edge to being resolved and comfortable and relieved. Very smooth. Good job on everything! I noticed it's not marked as complete; is there going to be more? Totally not opposed to more of this lovely fic, but it has been wrapped up rather nicely. Just curious.
12/30/2018 c2 2etherealtulip
really! good! stuff! thanks for the chapter!
12/30/2018 c2 138Invader Johnny
Well all I can say is that its a goid thing that everything is out in the open and I couldn't help but chuckled at tbe fact that Jazz wanted to show her parents the scrapbook, XD.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
12/30/2018 c1 1Red the Pokemon Master
There’s a problem with the second chapter
12/29/2018 c1 10Cyroclastic
OOO i cant wait to see the second part! this was good stuff
12/28/2018 c1 Gashicalmy
Ypu HAVE to do second part. ahhhh I love this fanfics
12/27/2018 c1 1org 13 is best
this is great please follow this up
12/23/2018 c1 theboookofkells
Nice fic, thanks!
12/22/2018 c1 El
Yaaas gimme that second part
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