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for Harry Potter and The Vampires of Santa Carla

7/14/2019 c2 4FlowerChild23
Aww. the boys are going to love him. just wait.
7/1/2019 c1 lolislothblb
i cant wait for the next update! Thank you!
6/30/2019 c2 lolislothblb
Thank you so much for updating! I loved it!
2/25/2019 c1 KLili58
Love it! Please write more! I’ve been wanting a story like this forever!
2/21/2019 c1 FlowerChild23
oh man. i cant wait to see what the boys will do when they figure out harry has magic.
12/23/2018 c1 Anon
I like thus, it's a good start!
12/23/2018 c1 Sweet Villainess
Is Harry going to be in the movie's events? I could see him changing so much and I can't wait to see when someone/the letter finds him from his world. Also, he'll probably do accidental magic I'm excited to see that happen and the vamps reaction to it! Though maybe they know about the wizarding world at least the American one.
12/22/2018 c1 Michelle
Nice start, update asap
12/22/2018 c1 Kattyawesome
This is an amazing story! The idea is so unique and your writing is really immersive!
12/22/2018 c1 Guest
Love start more soon?

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