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3/19/2019 c10 30Tristana702
God, really love it! So happy that they finally kissed! And sad that she is leaving... Are we going to see Logan in the sequel? (there is a sequel right? I'm going to look for one, the moment I finish this review) and I loooove the Star Trek reference! It's so true that Scott looks like Geordie La Forge! <3
3/10/2019 c10 TheRealTayler13
Please update soon can't wait to read more
3/10/2019 c1 EchoMoment
Kinda feel like there's some Mary Sueness going on
3/6/2019 c10 guest
ahhh so in your story the world doesn't know about mutants?
3/3/2019 c9 Brigitte uwu
I’m so glad I discovered this story, your writing style is brilliant and you depict all your characters incredibly. To put it simply, I cannot wait for the next chapter and when we eventually get to see Bucky! I adore slow burns in the stories I read and love how you’re been writing Steve. Looking forward to the next chapter 3
2/28/2019 c9 guest
I'm glad Tony was able to help her! I don't want her to be a part of SHIELD! But Fury is annoying me and making me nervous :(
Poor girl
1/29/2019 c8 LadyPorterfield
:o Eliza what ails thee! Good chapter. Looking forward to the next one. My special needs child had her annual meeting to discuss her progress in therapy today. This was a nice distraction from my worries over her progress.
1/21/2019 c7 guest
I hope she doesn't become a shield puppet.
it'd be cool if she just stayed normal.
1/22/2019 c7 LadyPorterfield
Wow. That’ I didn’t see that coming. I love a twist I didn’t see coming. I really hope Eliza and Tony patch things up. I’m interested to see what Steve things but like, it’s Steve so I’m sure he won’t be mad at her about it. I’d be mad at Howard if I were him. Personally I’m team Cap and team Iron man. I love them both. I love them all. Tony not telling her seems a bit out of character for Tony. I mean he did decide to get in a fight with Tony because Cap didn’t tell him Bucky killed his folks. However still an excellent story and it doesn’t make me not want to read it. Looking for forward to the next chapter
1/22/2019 c7 bonitalito
... Oh my.. I need more. Like ahh was that bucky with the glove?

I 100% need more lol
1/16/2019 c5 LadyPorterfield
Good story. I hope Steve and Eliza tell fury to shove it. Steve isn’t an asset, he’s a person. I always felt like Fury treated them all to much like play things to sit on a shelf and only be taken down when he needed them. I kinda hate fury.
1/12/2019 c5 guest
I hope you don't do a past abusive boyfriend story line for Eliza... Just have her first dating experience since her fiance died be like he cheated on her or was using her to get close to Tony or something. Nothing violent.
1/4/2019 c4 Tori
Poor Steve! Screw fury!
1/2/2019 c4 2Ryvr
Uh oh. Not a good move Steve. I like how you're going about this, I'm excited to see what you have in store next!
1/2/2019 c4 Lu Mach
I loved. Please can't wait to see what else you have planned!
Until next time, update soon :)
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