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for The Adventure begins (How it should have gone)

6/6/2019 c3 Guest
Please update
6/3/2019 c3 10blackboard26
This is a combination of Thomas and Friends and the lion king 1 1/2 and 2.
1/16/2019 c2 Guest
Awesome chapter could we see a cartoon mashup: thomas and friends the great race or journey beyond sodor how it should be with dinotrux, equestria girls, cars, planes, and snails in the great race and in journey beyond sodor with dinotrux, equestria girls, cars, homeward bound, and toy story in journey beyond sodor this time with James getting enginenaped and thomas and friends have to rescue him.
12/23/2018 c1 Guest
Please update
12/23/2018 c1 issac
12/25/2018 c1 agent3xq
Okay, I can respect "How it should have gone" thingsm especially for bad movies. Buut... with this, you are already disrespecting the canon of the show. TAB was a very faithful retelling of the Railway Series/Early first season of the show. It just... doesn't need a how it should have gone.

How ever... I DO 100% appreciate the fact that you are using real engine bases and doing your research. That is very commendable. However, you do still need to work on your writing. You're still breaking site rules.

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