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for Highschool DxD: The Prime Evil

1/24 c8 kukuhimanpr
aidan took out saji and issei with a very powerful shit... that typo is legendary... now i wish diablo had a terrifying dodgeball shit projectile attack in canon...
1/24 c5 kukuhimanpr
vengeance is a noble goal? i think johanna is a bit too edgy.
1/24 c3 kukuhimanpr
aidan and diablo doing the hagrid 'sorry about that' meme is just so hilarious.
1/8 c45 Guest
Part 2
11/4/2023 c13 1Harrison-Slytherin-Black
you know i actually thought that you would make him (aidan) an MC not basically kill him off and put diablo in the story as an Main Antagonist, this feels like you just wanted to kill him off from the very begining i mean i was expecting him to be able to make Diablos power his and kick major ass as a normal MC and have a harem i am really disapointed with the turn of events, good i dead but bad execution. not a flame just not what i was expecting, I will not follow the story any more i will check your other storys tho and see whats up there
10/28/2023 c15 drakiesan
Total and complete garbage. It's unreadable piece of shit with MC who has dirt instead of brain. He is pathetic moron with obsession of having moral high ground. He is boring and annoying in the worst possible way. Plot armor is so thick you just ask how the author could even write this so much. Bleh.

9/20/2023 c17 codywhite162
I really enjoy reading this story it's quite good. I also noticed being the avid player and fan of World of Warcraft that I am several of its cinematics were repurposed for this story. For example the scene before Rias departs to Tristam is based off of the Anduin cinematic from Legion when he regains his fathers sword and now when Kiba encounters Aidan in his exile that scene was based off of the cinematic from Battle for Azeroth where Saurfang goes to Outland in Nagrand to find and bring back Thrall complete with Assassins as well. I quite like how you are pulling elements from Warcraft as well even if it's only cinematics to suit this story's narrative. Even the chapter title is part of Saurfang's dialogue "My old friend, You and I, We don't get to hide"
6/24/2023 c45 Vingadorerex
Mano excelente fanfic seu muito top a ei no próximo pesodio vc vai trazer o anjo da morte onde ele tem objetivo de mata o bebê da rias no vente dela ser ele consegui séria legal.
6/14/2023 c1 Guest
this story is bad for me because there are 2 different places in it and the history of the world is mixed up in a mess.
6/7/2023 c45 Guest
While I have enjoyed this story. I feel that it is getting cheesey with all these crossovers and cameos that the two universe is like a mashup up of concept from final fantasy, god of war, and a few others I may have missed. If eel that while the overall story was good it was ruined by too many things being taken from other popular games and movies and being thrown into this crossover universe and tried to flash welding it in. Sorry but it lost it appeal to me.
5/3/2023 c45 Ltbutterfly287
I decided to read this again, and god do I hate all the changes you made. Full on merges are trash and blatantly nerfing the original power scaling of DXD just to make Diablo look more impressive is pathetic. Sirzechs could single handedly wipe out Diablo and all of the burning hells, seriously he is ranked 9 or 8 in all of DXD and his capable of destroying literally anything on a existential level.
2/9/2023 c8 Ltbutterfly287
Honestly the problem I have here at this point is a problem most crossovers have, I'm simply not a fan of completely merging two different worlds Excessive shit being brought from one world to the other just never seemed that entertaining to me.
2/9/2023 c6 Ltbutterfly287
Humans are not the Nephilim, most Nephilim look like humans but they are distinctly different, you've taken some liberties here most of which simply don't work. For starters Inarius was defeated by a Nephilim and heaven and hell chose to let the Nephilim grow to their full potential and pick which side they wish to fight for. But Inarius right now should be being tortured by Mephisto or free if you brought Lilith back. Seeing how the dude broke free when he felt her. All in all making all of humanity Nephilim doesn't work because humanity is simply to fragile and really should be ridiculously powerful right now.
2/9/2023 c4 Ltbutterfly287
It's ridiculous that raynare who is merely a low level grunt would know anything about is sacred gear that rias or sona wouldn't. Not to mention I think you need to make a clear distinction between demons and devils, along with angels of heaven and angels of the high heavens because they are all drastically different from each other.
2/9/2023 c3 Ltbutterfly287
I just want to say that most demons from the burning hells aren't a legitimate threat to humanity nor any supernatural faction. Named demons and huge ones can be a threat but grunt demons are really just fodder that normal humans can fend off with minimal difficulty. Also I really hope this isn't excessively based on Diablo 3 cause way to much was changed from what was previously established and was all around pretty terrible when it came to lore consistency. I'd also just like to say that any Ultimate class devil could probably solo an entire army of demons seeing how those guys can easily destroy entire mountains with ease. The only legitimate threats are the prime evils.
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