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for Slip Up Revamped

9/9 c10 libraryrockerr
I hope Dumbledore is fucking burning.

9/4 c10 Hosoo
Hm. This was a wonderful read and reread. I hope you take it up again, it was fun.
8/11 c10 26917brat
I really love this and would really like to read more of this to see just where you are going to go with this next. So please keep this up and update again soon because so far this story is just wow.
6/16 c10 Guest
I am obsessed! I love it...please continue it!
6/3 c10 Victoria1676
Please make more I love this story so much! X3
11/13/2019 c10 mmacdonald22
Please update as soon as you can!
9/26/2019 c10 1Yuki Miyashi
give me moreeeeeeeee, REEEEEEE, this is so freaking good ;w;
9/23/2019 c10 Death's Childe
Will you be updating this again soon? It's really good. Please consider updating. Keep up the good work. Thanks for this.
6/26/2019 c1 Butteranime
Plz update
6/1/2019 c10 trigy898
I've read a fair few Skull-is-Harry fics but this one... this one is one of, if not the best. You have just managed to so brilliantly capture a lot of the parallels between Skull and Harry while also adding your own elements. Add to that your depiction of the other arcobaleno and I just do not have words for how amazing this fic is.
5/11/2019 c10 FearTheElements
Please update, this is one of my favourite stories
5/3/2019 c10 RosesOnHigh
I hope to see more I really love this
4/28/2019 c1 Sky-BlueSunflowers
That's an amazing story, I thought that the first piece was incredible, but when I read rewritten version, it was just... wow. It's better than anything I could have expected. You know exactly how to make one fall for your fic, and how to make reader experience those Feelings. I especially loved "first and best language" part, even though my first reaction wasn't very positive (tears.)
Thank you for this feeling-full piece. Hope you are well, and that we'll hear from you soon
4/22/2019 c10 jgood27
Love this story and cant wait to read more
4/11/2019 c10 1S-Lioness
That was so sad. I wonder if they will ever forgive themselves.
Please update soon.
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