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for Prodigal Daughter

6/10 c17 7hjcallipygian
I mean... It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out where you were going with this one, but once I did I was enthralled. Very fun! And I don't know if you plan on ending the story where you did, but truth be told, it's kind of a perfect end point.
6/6 c17 Onxio
Bring this fic back im actually enjoying it
6/2 c17 13kootranova1
This was great. Sucks that it appears dropped.
6/2 c12 kootranova1
JOKER VENOM! I was wondering what her signature was going to be and didn't connect her purple concoction (which kills anyone besides her that uses it, and causes them to smile because RoC) to her ominous "in eight hours they'll know it was me".
It all makes sense now.
6/2 c9 kootranova1
Damn it. I was going to make a Joker comment on an earlier chapter but chose not to, not sure why but i felt like it would've been a dick move - it escapes me why i would've thought that..
I'm loving Frankie. A good crime boss needs competent minions.
6/2 c8 kootranova1
I love good crime bosses. They feel "right".
6/2 c4 kootranova1
Difficult to dodge when you don't have your power nudging everything, isn't it bitch boy?
12/18/2021 c17 Misiercorde
Just found this, just binged it all, love this glorious work to pieces, please keep up the great writing
12/16/2021 c17 2CMVreud
Sooo, Jester is getting her gagster/comedian.
Mini-Jack is up to get her own group of Nine.
Sophia comes down with a serious case of Batman.

Have I ever told you just how MUCh I like this story?
12/16/2021 c16 CMVreud
"Say, anyone here know what the pencil said to the paper?"
"Fuck!" yelled Alabaster. "It's her!"


Oh man, oh, boy, I like it. Not all philosophical like Ledgers, but a thing for the theatralics like a Shakespearan king.
12/16/2021 c15 CMVreud
I hope that, in the end, she doesn't just burn the money.
12/16/2021 c14 CMVreud
12/13/2021 c8 CMVreud
"It's not about the drugs," I said. "It's not about the money."
"So why?" he asked. He was at the top of the stairs by now.
"It's about sending a message,"

I am fangirling so hard right now.
12/13/2021 c7 CMVreud
Jester? With an oh-too-wide-smile?
She'll need a clown patsy. Is there a synonym for Joker?
The Comedian? The fool?

And I got it only really in this chapter... That Taylor is a sociopath.
Why do I always want to hug the crazies?
12/13/2021 c6 CMVreud
Changing the camp was 'nouvelle'.
But this breaking of the friendship, this is the new 'IT'.
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