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for Prodigal Daughter

11/16 c15 Connor Worsnop
you know all I need to see is a Harlequin Panacea and this story will be perfect
11/13 c15 Alphros
This fic is certainly amusing. A bit silly, but fun and makes me want to read more. Thanks.
10/26 c15 2Jack Inqu
I like how Taylor, despite being very much Jack Slash's daughter, is both smart enough and aware enough to not want to be like him. She has a tiny kernel of morality, which makes her a much more interesting person.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
10/26 c15 12H Max Marius
Sooo, what's she gonna do to Coil?
10/25 c15 osterreicher97
Ahh... so they're hitting the Ruby Casino this time lol.
10/25 c15 LordGrimstorm
Bahahaha! I'm lovin' this so much! It's fun to see villains tearing each other apart, and the way they're going about it is just delicious. Can't get enough of Rictus. Good stuff. Thanks for the update!
10/25 c15 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
10/25 c15 3Dragonfang1917
damn she's really causing chaos!
10/25 c15 199Marcus Rowland
I'm amazed I've never seen him called Hookworm in any other story. Nice one.

The bike thing should seriously annoy people. Also Lung, but that's pretty much inevitable whatever they do.
10/25 c15 Rolling Ill Witted
The Joker in Worm as a teenage girl isn't something I knew I needed to read, but now that im here I am hooked! Thanks for posting
10/25 c15 anthonym3
Is she gonna wait till Lung and Kaiser meet... then go for a decapitating strike with laughing gas?

Cuz that would be awesome.
10/25 c15 2wsbenge
Good entertaining story
10/25 c15 CILinkz
1 i like the villainous attitude who just wants to be evil cause of evil and no underlying moral dilemma or secret goal to be good. we dont see that so often ironic enough even though its such a basic premise.
10/25 c15 8feauxen
Just about the only problem with this story is that I might need to reread it to get a better idea what Taylor's powers are. Not that rereading it is too much of a problem, I suppose, it's just always been somewhat vague and with the long gap between updates things have gotten even more confusing.

You'd think that Taylor being a villain would be more of a turn-off since she's actually genuinely being a villain, but so far she seems to at least be a villain with standards. One that will, hopefully, become something vaguely resembling a decent person by the time the story reaches a conclusion. And since it's Worm, that's honestly better than most of the characters we know about anyway. You know a setting has it bad when a villain makes a better protagonist than most of the heroes...
10/25 c15 2Alvor the Warhawk
Wanna know what the difference between an AR and a M-16 is? The AR wasn’t made by the lowest bidder.
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