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4/24 c7 GreatT'Phon1of4
Om nom nom. Because Brockton bay needed the unholy love child of Chucky and the Joker.
4/24 c2 GreatT'Phon1of4
Take your kid to work day: murderhobo edition. Lol.
2/19 c15 Iceflame55
I see your Joker!Taylor's having LOTS of fun :). And while Shadow Stalker might be a badass 'shadow' 'hero' (if only in her own mind), I hope you have a better 'Batman' lined up, you know?
1/6 c15 1Rhyn3
so, it strikes me that I don't completely understand Taylor's powerset: the description when she triggered made it seem like she had three aspects and her shard was a combination of Jack's and Hatchet's: Null-type Trump, Brute 2(?), midlevel Stranger/Master makes people more pliable to her arguments, Combat-type Thinker precog that can anticipate how opponents move and the various dangers they pose, Trump/Thinker that can see power expressions and interactions as colors.
I count five. grey is Null-type Trump, blue is M/S, and red is Brute, so what is up with her combat-precog and trump-vision?
1/6 c8 Rhyn3
I can't tell if the use of "enema" is meant to a) connect Taylor with her mother through obscure terminology, b) connect Taylor and Riley through describing mass murder with medical terminology, c) Taylor spitting on Jack again by working to improve something, d) an attempt to be witty/clever that fell flat because most people will need to google the term to appreciate it (but otherwise was stellar), or e) a point of contrast between this!Taylor and canon!Taylor with a shared goal (if you squint).
to elaborate on (e), because now that I've thought of it the more I like the idea of comparing the two Taylors. Taylor's first night out is kind of a reverse of Skitter's: Taylor went in as a villain and came out deciding to do good (less nazis is usually an improvement), Skitter went in trying to do good and came out deciding to try villainy. hell, if Skitter's motto is "the wrong things for the right reasons", Taylor's is "the right things for the wrong reasons." a lot of the things in this story are like a distorted mirror of canon: sophia doesn't save emma in the alley with excessive violence, Taylor does. PRT approaches Sophia because of a grievous injury inflicted to her rather than by her. Emma is the one covering Taylor's role in her trauma out of respect for their former friendship rather than Skitter hiding Emma's role.
It's really fascinating comparing this iteration of Taylor with how she is in canon. The occasional twisted mirror of a key canon trait/event (like I mentioned how their taglines are two sides of the same coin, or how the ABB alley ambush have very similar outcomes: animosity between Taylor and Emma, Sophia befriends and unmasks to Emma, the ABB members have near fatal injuries from a highschool freshman cape) with the subtle references to early canon events (bugs in the basement, getting into costume for first night out in her bedroom). It may just be me, but breaking down well written fanfics (at least, the ones that know their source material inside and out, aren't obnoxious about referencing canon, and are thought out in advance beyond just stations of canon) is fun for me, finding parallels, references, where ideas for changes from canon might have from. the kind of thing that would give the die-hard highschool english classical literature teachers an orgasm upon reading when organized into an essay.
11/16/2020 c15 Connor Worsnop
you know all I need to see is a Harlequin Panacea and this story will be perfect
11/13/2020 c15 Alphros
This fic is certainly amusing. A bit silly, but fun and makes me want to read more. Thanks.
10/26/2020 c15 2Jack Inqu
I like how Taylor, despite being very much Jack Slash's daughter, is both smart enough and aware enough to not want to be like him. She has a tiny kernel of morality, which makes her a much more interesting person.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
10/26/2020 c15 13H Max Marius
Sooo, what's she gonna do to Coil?
10/25/2020 c15 osterreicher97
Ahh... so they're hitting the Ruby Casino this time lol.
10/25/2020 c15 LordGrimstorm
Bahahaha! I'm lovin' this so much! It's fun to see villains tearing each other apart, and the way they're going about it is just delicious. Can't get enough of Rictus. Good stuff. Thanks for the update!
10/25/2020 c15 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
10/25/2020 c15 3Dragonfang1917
damn she's really causing chaos!
10/25/2020 c15 199Marcus Rowland
I'm amazed I've never seen him called Hookworm in any other story. Nice one.

The bike thing should seriously annoy people. Also Lung, but that's pretty much inevitable whatever they do.
10/25/2020 c15 Rolling Ill Witted
The Joker in Worm as a teenage girl isn't something I knew I needed to read, but now that im here I am hooked! Thanks for posting
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