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for The Misadventures of the Espada

10/3/2020 c18 GrumpyGrue
kimonge gera gera
10/3/2020 c17 GrumpyGrue
Alma deserved that.
10/3/2020 c16 GrumpyGrue
red solo Arrancar I lift you up proceed to Tamamo
10/3/2020 c15 GrumpyGrue
Espada ensalada
10/3/2020 c14 GrumpyGrue
Alice has a stomach for brains
10/3/2020 c13 GrumpyGrue
Solo is funny.
10/3/2020 c12 GrumpyGrue
Massacre. Mass acre. Mass acreage. Solo the farmer. Of souls.

Harpy Village is the place for me
Farm livin' is the life for me
Land spreadin' out so far and wide
Keep Iliasburg, just give me that countryside
10/3/2020 c11 GrumpyGrue
Honey is delicious bee vomit
10/3/2020 c10 GrumpyGrue
Sonido Underground
10/3/2020 c9 GrumpyGrue
Snake? Snaaaaake? SNAAAAAKKEEE!
10/3/2020 c8 GrumpyGrue
And then her 1st stomach is empty again after exercise. It would be easier for Alice to be like a hollow and eat other monsters.
10/3/2020 c7 GrumpyGrue
Almost squished the berry
10/3/2020 c6 GrumpyGrue
Ilias has ego like a beagle.
10/3/2020 c5 GrumpyGrue
Alice is like a big slug without slime. Endboss lamia snakegirl being compared to a level 2 slug, sounds insulting.
10/3/2020 c4 GrumpyGrue
Alice is rude like a girl who was raised without a parent to teach her manners. Dead mommy never got made into snake salami.
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