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for A Certain Influx of Time Traveling Mishaps

20h c1 Guest
Honestly, it'd be pretty funny if we found out that the timeline the kids are from had a female accelerator so that we could have the child of touma and yuriko.
7/24 c13 idharpatangari
Alright. From the kid's mini reminiscing. Yuiitsu seem to have kid with Touma for an "experiment", though she do care about him to a degree. We also got wife Mugino acting like Mitsuki Bakugou from MHA, scolding her husband and troublesome son. Saten Ruiko- I mean, Kamijou Ruiko, seems to be a loyal single mother, Misaka is surprisingly a normal housewife, and Leivinia seem to be no better than Raven Branwen.

Since Accelerator's daughter and Hamazura's daughter seem to see Touma as role model, I'm willing to bet that he's the "Uchiha Sasuke" of the future, mentoring his bro's offsprings.

Still, so far Touma's kids is making rampages. I don't know what's worse. Them taking more after their father, or after their mothers. Only Tohka seem to be showing the affect of former. As for Maria, I'm really really interested in her. Mostly because there hasn't been a fic of Coronzon and Aleis-tan ship with Touma. I know it's weird.

So far, Ruiko, Shizuri, Mikoto, Index, Yuiitsu, Misaki, Leivinia, and Aleister/Coronzon has been confirmed 100% to slept with TouMAN (for me). Along with Awaki, Cendrillon, Oriana, Kaori, Aisa, and Seiri I'm 98% sure also has a kid with him from the subtle hints you gave us. And I predicted ATLEAST Itsuwa, Othinus, Ayu, Seria, one of the princess (probably Carissa), Lessar, and Arisa/Shutaura is gonna have one too. Oh God, that's already 15 kid with only accounting the confirmed one and there tons more. Not to mention all the other childrens that are not Touma's. Geez Kamijou, when did you become Issei Hyoudou!?

Sorry if my review is too long. I got carried away sometimes.
4/14 c13 Jose Blas
Nice, more chapters
4/10 c13 8TazalTerminals
Poor Touma. He never gonna get a decent break before the next thing hits the fan does he. I wonder if Misfortune kun seriously just uses all her time planning out what to do to him. And only him lol.
4/1 c13 DarkMatter69
Good chapter haven't seen such a great fabric for a year
3/24 c12 Zatil Hidayah Spensa
The only one I got no idea was the green hair busty girl. There's not many characters in To Aru that have green hair.

Is it Tessou? Aureolus? Probably not.

Is it one of Kamisato's, who's also beared many children from multiple wives? Possibly.

Is it Hamazura's or Accelerator's? If that is the case, does that means they have multiple lovers as well?

Is the hair dyed to mislead us?

So many possibilities.
3/24 c13 Zatil Hidayah Spensa
From what I gather to your subtle hints. The identity of the mothers (both confirmed and unconfirmed)

Angela : Index
Touka : Saten Ruiko
Hana : Misaka Mikoto
Adrien : Leivinia Birdway
Hachiman : Shokuhou Misaki
Shinzo : Kihara Yuiitsu
Maria : Aleister Crowley
Kaen & Kamiko : Mugino Shizuri

The teleporter girl : Musujime Awaki
The guy with Gunha : Cendrillon

Nerunehime : Hamazura Shiage/Takitsubo Rikou

I don't know who's Accel's kid's mother is, but if I have to guess, its probably Misaka Worst or Esther Rosenthal. Could be Last Order too, but that'll be weird IMO (though not much of a stretch since you already pair Aleister f*cking Crowley with Touma)

I know from chapter 1 that one of the kid is Kanzaki's. Hoping that Othinus, Orsola, Maria, Ayu, and Shūtaura also got a kid with TouMAN (SERIOUSLY! HOW MANY LOVERS HE GOT!? IS THIS REALLY THE KAMI-YAN WE KNOW!?)
2/19 c13 Guest
Question, is Shinzou going to get redeemed somehow or is he gonna die? I honestly hope he would, but I'm a dumb guy so maybe I just missed what heart he is supposed to have. Also, binged this, got into trouble with my modules, but in the end it was worth it hahahahah... Dear god just how many sadistic toaru fanfic writers do we have...
2/11 c13 surya25addanki
Binge read this, I've never seen toaru I but I really love the story, would love to see touma interact with his kidsw
2/8 c10 TheBiggestLoser
I just realized, could children from an alternate future appear? Considering the changes they are making on the timeline.
It would be interesting to see other Touma children of people who originally should not have such a deep relationship. Like Yomikawa in the last chapter
2/4 c13 patiphat1998
Aaaaand followed

I love this fic as much as certain unknow level 0 keep it up!
2/3 c13 Mr. X
Ignore question 3 cause it turns out, I already wrote that in your crossover story with Pokemon in it.
2/2 c13 1onilink500
Estuvo interesante Kuroko de enfermera bueno esto es antes de las sister así que no debe ver a touma como el que le roba su onne Sama
Ahora el la robara de su one Sama

Mugino fue la primera ? El hazamura de su tiempo debe ver a touma como un ser divino

El control del fuego lv 5
Mmm eso implicaría que. Puede acabar con el oxígeno del área (útil contra tipos como accelerator)

Cómo es de moléculas podría robar el calor corporal (si sabes de medicina. Eso haría vulnerable el área a bacterias incluso. Casi dejándola inútil)

Luego lo más peligroso es que si podría usar fusión nuclear
En ese caso podría hacer el meldtower fuego que no depende del oxígeno

O hacer un rayo súper caliente y super fino que pueda hacer una lobotomia cosas de ese nivel quirúrgico

En si todo poder es peligroso sabiendo lo usar. Y no creer que más. Grande es mejor.
2/2 c13 1tsun
thanks for the update. lovely chapter.
2/2 c13 TheBiggestLoser
This is a masterpiece.
I was genuinely not that excited about a story since i was the elves arc in Black Clover.
Is there any way that you accept donations, because it is a crime that you do not have so much support
I could even pay you for a crossover story even if it's a oneshot.
And I am completely serious.
Mark my words. Someday I'll get you to do a crossover between the Toaru series and One Punch Man. Even if i have to pay for it.
Keep the Good work.
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