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for The Dragon Slayer of Konoha

4/13 c1 Fate
1/24 c2 nashdragneelbautista77
PLEASE update
1/19 c1 Huawei
Update! It's been far too long!
1/17 c10 1Kriim-Sauce786
Really enjoyed the story. One thing that is getting at me is his demonic nature causing him pain. It's all good of it causing pain and hearing voices. But it wanting to kill I am confused. This Is way after Alvarez and zeref is dead with the book of end modified into protecting his family more and the killer intent is replaced do i dint get why it is still saying kill.

Anyway good story and hopefully it gets off hiatus soon
12/28/2020 c10 2Dragonlich42
I can't get to it for some reason it says the address for kiri can't be found
12/18/2020 c10 Optiqs
This is a really good story! I hope you come back to it someday, but take your time! I’ll be waiting.
10/3/2020 c3 nashdragneelbautista77
and also shouldn't genjutsu work on a person that doesn't have chakra?
9/27/2020 c5 nashdragneelbautista77
can't wait for the next chap
9/25/2020 c1 Dasgun
8/24/2020 c2 nashdragneelbautista77
update please
8/24/2020 c10 Jk
Update its been too long
8/24/2020 c10 nashdragneelbautista77
you should make natsu really op too
8/24/2020 c10 nashdragneelbautista77
Since natsu is dragon royalty make it a harem natsuxnarukoxfemitachi and replace Sakura and put natsu on team 7 please
8/11/2020 c1 nashdragneelbautista77
make this a harem PLEASE! my choice is natsu x naruko x fem Itachi
8/10/2020 c1 nashdragneelbautista77
natsu x naruko x izumi
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