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for The Dragon Slayer of Konoha

8/8/2020 c10 Tisyaboi
Update plss
7/1/2020 c10 1Yukihino-Sama
Please, please, please, pleaseeeeee, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! Update quickly
6/24/2020 c10 Jm
5/20/2020 c10 wolfpuppy1712
Can't wait for next chapter, please update soon
5/14/2020 c10 Guest
Great chapter
5/11/2020 c10 2Dragonlich42
this is such a great story I can't wait for the next update
4/13/2020 c5 13one fairy7
Nasty can't use chakra right? The. How did he use henge?
4/11/2020 c10 1fpinheiro96
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
4/9/2020 c10 Jack Gold Sword
Nice chapter
4/9/2020 c10 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
3/25/2020 c9 Guest
Great story keep it up.
3/25/2020 c9 Fafarick
I want to see the next Chapter! by the way: what about pairing? Is this a harem? I hope not! my choice - Itachi/Natsu!
3/24/2020 c1 imurderedthedevil3
Fuck you Earth Dragon Arnighte
3/22/2020 c9 JCarrasco
Just try your best with the story, even if you have little of help please.
3/22/2020 c9 Sagiri D Goku
With END and Natsu, you could make it like an inner world (like bleach) and give it hollow powers(hierro, bala, cero, gran rey cero, sonido, pesquisa, High speed regeneration, resurection(probably misspeld))
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