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for The Dragon Slayer of Konoha

7/31/2019 c6 Merlyn the Monarch
I love this story It's got a spunk and feeling to it that other stories are missing. I'm sad people want MORE Naruto in Fairytail when there are countless of those, but not stuff like this.

It's nice to be able to spend time just laying back and reading this, both length and quality are at the least satisfactory and at most amazing, waiting eagerly for more chapters if you do continue. Good Luck :D
7/28/2019 c6 fan
bro I'm really Love's this story, keep goin
7/29/2019 c6 JCarrasco
I love this story keep it up please.
7/28/2019 c6 yogipradika366
Ok first I like natsu more than Naruto and secondly finally a update oh and nice chapter
7/28/2019 c6 1fpinheiro96
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one one! By the way was the voice Natsu heard E.N.D?
7/28/2019 c6 ikusatsunagi
thx for another great chapter
7/28/2019 c6 1TBM10
I love the story
I like the idea
But the split personality thing, or whatever the voice is... Its not doing it for me.
Keep updating
Thank you
7/28/2019 c6 Jack Gold Sword
Update soon bro don't care what the haters think this is a good story
7/28/2019 c6 2te.nellis
Fantastic! Keep it up!
7/28/2019 c6 firegod natsu
i am a great fan of natsu so i like all your story
7/26/2019 c1 erasenpai946
I look forward to the next chapters and will Nastu match up with Izumi and is she FemItachi or will she still show up?
7/21/2019 c4 Haha
Update plz
6/8/2019 c5 firegod natsu
please update soon your story are the best
5/28/2019 c5 Guest
5/23/2019 c5 Guest
Pls make more i love this!
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