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for The Dragon Slayer of Konoha

1/4/2019 c2 BlazingEtherious
Great story. I really like yours story and i mean all of them. Can't wait for the next chapter...
1/1/2019 c2 1fpinheiro96
Loved it. Keep up the good work.
12/31/2018 c2 2te.nellis
Awesome. Keep it up!
12/31/2018 c2 Moshiyari
This is very interesting, I really hope to see more!
12/29/2018 c1 FireGodSlayer91
Pls No Harem. Natsu x Fem Itachi is pretty cool and different. I like that.
12/28/2018 c1 fraxures
Awesome first chapter I really enjoyed it I can't wait for the next chapter
12/27/2018 c1 1TBM10
Interesting concept
Never seen it before to be honest
You got my interest, hopefully you can keep my attention.
Please make natsu physically more powerful than rock lee, and his magic should be very powerful to keep up with the jonin.
Keep updating
Thank you
12/26/2018 c1 1fpinheiro96
Loved it. I hope you continue to write new chapters
12/26/2018 c1 ETHERIOUS3
Great job I love the story so far. I hope you continue to make new chapters!
12/26/2018 c1 darkxlunatiic
like the concept and if the plan is natsu x femitiachi I am so down fuck it hit the sasuke femnaruto while your at it and you got me hooked
12/26/2018 c1 Zero fullbuster
Love it.
Please write more.
Wow and yay for this story.
12/26/2018 c1 2te.nellis
Interesting. Merry Christmas! Keep it up!
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