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2/17 c113 6DarthWill3
This Louis-Napoleon sounds impressive. Might wanna read a biography of him sometime.

The President of France? What an honor! And those are some rad troopers!
2/17 c113 4Gamelover41592
well seems they are still having fun on their trip
2/13 c112 James Thompson
As much as Luna's parents miss her. I miss Luna more.

Now I'm learning something about French history
2/12 c112 Sharquan
Who knew you would learn history of France from Mason & this French family?
2/12 c112 ThotKesha
Lola: "Wow. I can't believe it. She snuck out of the house to see a Mick Swagger concert again, even though she made a promise to mom and dad not to? Wow. This is great!"

me: somebody neeeds to knock Lola out with a hammer on her head so she would have amnesia when she wake up
2/12 c112 DopeKesha
'In the Loud House, the parents were a little worried about how Luna and Lincoln were fairing in one of the greatest and strongest countries in the world.'

Russia: *sad USSR noises*
2/11 c112 6DarthWill3
Home is where the heart is, as the old saying goes.

Oh, Lola... Looking through your super big sister's diary in the middle of the night? You're so cute. X3
Wonder if she'll find an entry concerning Luna's growing feelings for Mason...

No shortage of Napoleon's mark in this cemetery.
2/10 c112 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter
2/5 c111 DaeQuan
Bruh i cant understand most of French words here. I don't know what they werr saying. I'm only black American
2/5 c111 Sharquan
'It was a blonde boy in a red jacket being mugged by seven armed men, and the boys parents were with him, looking just as frightened as their own son.'

me: tsk tsk tsk! What a bunch of low lives. Trying to steal money & arts from this family one of the robbers slapped the kid's mother with his gun. Pathetic. Glad the 7 bad men were all arrested
2/2 c111 6DarthWill3
I guess Paris could use our heroes for the next few days or so.

Ah... Good old Napoleon. He sure changed France forever.

Yeah, shame Lucy ain't here to see all these burial sites. But at least she can get pictures of them. ;)
2/2 c111 29Chris the Leavittman
Are you gonna update "Gus gets all the girls"?
2/2 c111 4Gamelover41592
excellent work
1/27 c110 Sharquan
Jessi: "wait! British people have different steering wheels?"

me: bruh! Not exactly! British people just drive in left side of the road! :\
1/27 c109 ButtKesha
This chapter is so long! It took me 40 minutes to read
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