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9/9 c142 6DarthWill3
"Like flies buzzing away from an old-fashioned swatter." Funny you should bring that up. We've been dealing with a little swarm of flies at home over the last few days. LOL
9/8 c142 4Gamelover41592
great job on this chapter
9/7 c142 17Aartman7141999
It might just be me, but from the looks of it, it seems as though that Hairdoom almost wants to either to give Lincoln a little kiss or adopt him as a little play toy.
8/31 c141 Sharquan
Snowball: Perhaps I can be the one to herd the sheep or the cows with my dear friend next to me. Or if any rustlers try to steal the flock, they will have to deal with me and my razor teeth."
Leni: "Razor teeth? But shaving cream sounds gross."
Snowball: "No, no, Leni. Razor sharp means like as sharp as a razor."

me: yeah Leni! You're stupidity is intolerable! What is the connection of Razor to shaving cream huh!?
8/31 c141 Andy Thompson
Snowball is living the life. He's a talking pig & like his belly being rubbed by humans
8/31 c141 DaeQuan
Wow! A talking pig! What's next, flying pig!? Like when Pigs fly?
9/1 c141 4lexboss
8/31 c141 6DarthWill3
Another nice ref to Animal Farm. With a little bit of scientific research, perhaps.

Surely Lincoln's punishment can't be over already... Am I missing something?
8/31 c141 4Gamelover41592
Excellent work on this chapter
8/28 c140 James Thompson
Yeah Arno is definitely gone alright but he wont be remembered
8/28 c140 DopeKesha
This should be ending soon... eventually, I can't keep reading Stay Chill for any longer
8/26 c140 6DarthWill3
This meeting at the Burpin' Burger just went from heartwarming to awkward. LOL
8/26 c1 96Ohfortheloveofpete
Funny, I figured fire would be more Luna’s preference.
8/26 c140 4Gamelover41592
good job on this chapter and looking forward to hearing how snowball talks
8/25 c138 24heavy5commando
Heroes... Meet the amazing Talking Pig. This is awkward.
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