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8/26 c140 4Gamelover41592
good job on this chapter and looking forward to hearing how snowball talks
8/25 c138 24heavy5commando
Heroes... Meet the amazing Talking Pig. This is awkward.
8/21 c139 James Thompson
I miss Luna Loud! Welcome back to Royal Woods! I soooo miss Luna so much! And her super hero teams too
8/21 c139 Sharquan
Welcome back to America, Luna , Lincoln & the rest of superheroes!
8/20 c139 heavy5commando
I can't wait for when they see the Pig talking. Reminds me of Waddles from Gravity Falls.
8/17 c139 6DarthWill3
How is Mason gonna handle being man of the house while his dad's in the hospital? Especially when he might have nightmares following what happened. But he can't let his mom and little bro down.

I knew Luna wouldn't let this go. I mean, did Lincoln hope she'd forget all about it in the midst of everything else? Well, at least he gets to enjoy Charles' kisses. And his punishment won't be very long.
8/17 c139 4lexboss
8/17 c139 4Gamelover41592
Awesome work on this chapter and that went well
8/17 c139 351049
You should do a chapter where there is a fight and Lincoln is caught in a explosion
8/13 c138 James Thompson
Holy- what the hell!? Snowball can actually speak!
8/13 c138 Sharquan
Lynn Sr: "Well then, what was that brain serum for?"
Lisa: "Let's just say to add intelligence to a certain someone in this household." she tilted her head towards Leni
Leni: "Who's that?"

me: *facepalm* its Lana, she needs more intelligence than you!

_stupid tall blonde girl_
8/13 c138 DaeQuan
Wishing the Liam's pig to be ok
8/12 c138 6DarthWill3
Snowball's smarter than the average pig. He and Yogi Bear should get along just fine. LOL
8/12 c138 4Gamelover41592
awesome job on this chapter
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