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2/27/2019 c10 4Gamelover41592
0-0 and the team up begins
2/27/2019 c10 6DarthWill3
Jail certainly makes strange bedfellows.
Question is: How will they get out? And, more importantly, how can they hope to beat a gal like Luna Frost? They've got no powers, no special weapons, no contacts, no money and especially no army, navy or air force.
Unless... Dr. Claw has all the answers they seek.

Regardless, I guess the whole secret identity thing is pointless, given Krunk knows that he attacked Luna's mother. That, and pretty much the whole town recognizes her.
2/22/2019 c9 4Gamelover41592
hmm let's see where this goes
2/21/2019 c9 8The Keeper of Worlds
Oh boy. Who the heck is this guy!?
2/21/2019 c9 6DarthWill3
Lincoln doing a comic of his actual super sister. How sweet...

Clyde? Allergic to marshmallows? His loss. XD

Perhaps from now on, Luna can do Lincoln's chores in the winter.

I think we've got ourselves a kind of Doctor Claw in this story... Excellent.
2/20/2019 c8 DarthWill3
Be careful what you wish for, Luna... But it's a good thing Rita brought her around for the shopping trip.

Mr. T, huh? Nice cameo. Just like in the old TV sitcoms. ;)

Somehow, I doubt Jonathan Krunk will count as Luna's worst enemy. There will be plenty of others who can qualify for that.
2/20/2019 c7 DarthWill3
I guess news really travels faster in Royal Woods than I thought in this story.

Ah, saving children from burning buildings... Takes me right back to the first two of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. And since there's no water in a fiery abode, as established in The Incredibles, Luna would've needed to rely more on her heat absorption than her icy projectiles. Makes sense.

Maybe Luna should get a raise in the babysitting department. XD
2/19/2019 c8 8The Keeper of Worlds
Oh boy, I’m kind of curious as to her Rogue’s Gallery to come. Should be some interesting lineups.
2/19/2019 c6 6DarthWill3
If this were Star Wars, Mick Swagger would be the ghost of a Jedi Master and Luna, the Padawan. ;)

Whoa! Luna's really cashing in on her new powers! Maybe she can be both a superhero AND a bounty hunter. After all, someone's gotta pay the bills...

Cool, the Louds have their own human ice cream machine! LOL

It's only a matter of time before Luna makes the front page.
2/19/2019 c5 DarthWill3
Luna's not a very big fan of Justin Bieber, is she? XD

Good thing Lincoln need not worry about his cocoa being too hot anymore...

Of all the people she has to help, Mr. Grouse is the very first. Imagine that. ;)

I have to say: Luna's not only a fast learner with her powers, but also a rising star in the Royal Woods community. Good job, gal!
2/16/2019 c8 Guest
Have krunk kidnap Lincoln that sounds like it would be cool
2/17/2019 c4 DarthWill3
Nice writing the book on super-powered pranks, Luna. You should try it on Luan next when she's asleep. XD

Who knew you could transform a guitar with those powers? And from what I'm reading, it now gives off a sinister note. Sounds like Killer Frost will be taking over in Luna's near future...

Good to know everyone's on board with this, but some of the sisters might prove a bit jealous.
2/16/2019 c3 DarthWill3
Aw... Luna and Lincoln need to engage in 1-on-1 hugs more often in the show. In fact, now that she has these powers, she can always tickle him cold; the most vulnerable spot would be when he's shirtless. ;)

Probably a good idea for Luna to stay in the house for now. No need for all of Royal Woods to go after her with pitchforks and torches...

Whoa! I don't know about you, but Luna might be going Power Ranger while changing into those clothes. Wish I knew how they do it for real.

The fam's not gonna believe this when they get back.
2/15/2019 c2 DarthWill3
Surely this physician has heard of Dr. Lisa Loud's credentials... If not, that can soon be remedied.

If Lola's mirror did break, that would mean seven years bad luck for Luna. She's in a precarious enough position right now.

With that previous adrenaline gone, Lincoln may need to spend more time with Lynn if he's going to keep carrying his bigger sisters around. And believe me: Nothing makes you work out faster than in a very cold environment. It worked in Rocky IV.

Somehow, as we see Luna's reaction to the outdoor temperature, I'm reminded more of Mister Freeze than Killer Frost. Hope this doesn't land her in a cybernetic environmental suit as well as an icebox-like cell... even if the suit's advanced circuitry can triple her strength.

Funny Lynn should mention this year's Superbowl... because guess who won. ;)
2/15/2019 c7 8The Keeper of Worlds
Excellent job with the random bounty reward and power training via the rescue.
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