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11/2 c3 Carlmike94
While it's true that you're no Tolkien, that doesn't mean you're in any way bad at writing. It's obvious that you take great care when writing, and make an effort to keep the characters in character (I've not read the books fully, only made it halfway through the second one, so I might not be the best judge of that).

So don't sell yourself short, you're the author of the story, and it's a good one so far :)
Also, I'm really looking forward to Lazarus meeting the rest of the fellowship. And, if he's a proficient sunsinger, living up to his name by resurrecting himself.
10/24 c3 KeepingKessler
Have you had anything published before? Your writing seems abnormally smooth for ffn. It's a great story so far, and the only other solid destiny fic I've found recently is Stargazer.
10/20 c3 1HallowedExistence
Very interesting beginning!
10/18 c3 Henri9897
So Lazarus isn't the Guardian (the Player), I like it as the Guardian wouldn't make this story as interesting. I mean we have killed how many gods ? And from a narrative stand point it's not the best to have the MC talk through Ghost all the time. A good overall.
10/18 c3 4Althyrios
Salut! French review!
Ta fanfic fait partie de la catégorie "perles rares" que je cherche, je vais continuer à lire ce que tu écrit car c'est prometteur.
Connais-tu l'histoire (de darth Plaegis the Wis... ups nop) du Jardinier et le Vaneur (la Lumière et les Ténèbres)? Je ne connait pas les objectifs de Morgoth dans LotR univers (je n'ai pas lus le Silmarilion) mais je sais que les Ténèbres de Destiny recherchent la simplicité pour l'univers, inspirées par le concept des Vex quand ces derniers n'existaient pas encore. La Lumière elle recherche la complexité. L'Épée de la Ruche contre la Bombe de Mara Sov. En tant que Dredgen (je ne les connait pas trop) ton guardien a-t-il toujours son Spectre?
Après tu risque d'avoir du mal à confronter ton guardien à de réels défis, les seuls auxquels je peux penser sont les Nazgul, les Balrogs, Saruman. Je pense que les Balrogs serait peut-être même trop puisants pour un guardien normal seul et nécessiteraient une équipe de 3. Sauron et les Dragon seraient clairement des boss finaux de Raid.
Bonne chance pour la suite
10/18 c3 Jctherebel
Awesome story
10/18 c3 2musizlover2008
Glad to see you didn't make it into an infodump. It should be given slowly as to give time to digest that info. If he's gonna tell them in more detail about the world he lives in, and the nature of his enemies like the Vex, he should build up some trust between them.
10/18 c3 20BraveSeeker3
Asghjdgk I forgot how much I love this story!

I'm 99% sure peels in "Peels of thunder and pillars of light" should be peals :D

Can't wait to see what happens next! You've definitely captured Tolkien's way of storytelling, with its own twist that makes it unique to you.
10/18 c3 Guardian B312
I am hungry for more! Excellent chapter!
Until then...
10/17 c3 1Yavin Yams
I, for one, think you did an excellent job this chapter, especially with character dialogue. The use of the Middle Ages’ speech patterns were a pleasant touch.
10/10 c2 E
Hasn't been updated in a long while, but has an amazing start. Maybe I'll check in next year and see if it's not dead, would love to see more.
9/27 c2 forgefather
just wondering when are you going to update the story
4/8 c2 adeptus
hey when are you going to update this story because it is extreamly well written
3/11 c2 Demiripper00
Why do all the good fics die so quickly? I'd love to see this come back
7/20/2019 c1 3Chronosign
Hey, I'm just curious if your going to continue "Konoha's Silver Shinobi"
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