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9/22/2020 c16 Guest
As you said, I've been feeling this build up of resentment and I'm so glad the confrontation finallyyyy happened!
9/22/2020 c19 1KayTeaR
When I finished Liar Liar, all I wanted to do is read on and see how the revolution develops. Had I realized that From America with Love ends at about the same time and that Vanguard is the direct sequel to both, I might have skipped FAwL entirely (though I'm not sure if Vanguard would have made much sense without it). Luckily I didn't realize it. I hadn't wanted to go back and reiterate the whole story from Archie's perspective - he never struck me as a particularly interesting character. I also didn't expect there would be much to say. After all, Harry and Archie talk during breaks and we'd know if anything interesting happened...
I love how you managed to fill AIM with life. How you integrated the Protector of the Small characters into the dueling club (I remember reading Crown Academy a few years ago and I think there were some parallels) and how Archie rationalises not telling Harry about his experience at AIM, which explains why we haven't heard anything about it before. Your Archie has so much depth and you've told a great story! In BtL and LL the passages that relate directly to something from the Rigel Black series sometimes feel a little forced, trying to fit into canon. By having Archie lie to Harry as well as everyone else, you've been able to free your story from those restrictions.
Also, I absolutely love all the references to literature and pop culture and how Archie's character as a revolutionary leader is formed, in part, by the roles he's cast in theater.
And I adore your take on magical dance!
9/21/2020 c14 Guest
I most definitely did cry. Amazing chapter as usual!
9/21/2020 c10 Guest
I think that Archie is a character that we don't know that much about and that we have only really been introduced to on a surface level in the Rigel Black Chronicles. I love that this story explores Archie's perspective on these things. I had never really dwelled on Archie's feelings about the ruse, and what he would think of Harry's new friends, and what new things he would have learned about in America besides healing.
9/20/2020 c6 Guest
I loved this chapter! Thank you for writing these stories :)
6/30/2020 c5 GynBot
I was totally sitting here hoping against hope that they would pick A Winters Tale. It’s hands down my favorite Shakespeare play and I never see it represented ANYWHERE. But then I had never heard of it until the Shakespeare Festival I apprenticed at put it on and I was in it. It’s sooo good and it has the name Hermione in it! QUEEN Hermione and she’s such a bad ass character. If you haven’t heard of or seen A Winters Tale... you need to. First act tragedy and second act is comedy. It’s amazing.
6/5/2020 c19 Dot1warner
Very, very, good! Even though this was a companion piece, it was good on its own merit. Well done. Keep writing.
5/23/2020 c1 S.D.R.M
So, I read your story with a great deal of eagerness, as I absolutely adore murkybluematter’s series and have wnjoyed Protector of the Small Quartet. J have to say, your story is brilliantly done. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. You wrote well, realistically, but the Archie I understood from the Rigel Black Chronicles was different from the one you wrote, in a way that was very important to me. As Harry is my favourite character, because the understandable resentment you wrote him to have towards her, the story was horrible difficult to read and empathize with. You wrote well- it’s just not a opinion on him I enjoyed. I really did hate his treatment towards the ruse, no matter how much he hated it at the end. However, it was fascinating to see how Protectors of the Small Quartet characters were incorporated into the story. Archie’s wonder towards the Muggle world was amazing to read about. Your sequence of events were very logically written out, and the characters were very real.
2/29/2020 c9 2aoi588

it's just so realistic that archie would PLAN on telling harry, and be right about to do it, and then talk himself out of it. his whole thought process is so understandable but it's also so frustrating, and you do it beautifully! wonderfully! exceptionally! it's so frustrating that he thinks harry might resent him, because he would resent her (it makes sense when it shouldn't and that is so gorgeous i was overwhelmed with your sheer genius). will he ever tell her? because i am just burning for them to go see movies and drink milkshakes, even though it would be so jarring given how different rigelverse canon is. but it's beautiful, the way you blend magical and non-magical elements. i kind of wish jk or more fanfic authors did it, because it is so fascinating.

speaking of his thought process, the way you WRITE him is incredible. when he's thinking about the temperature of his drinks, or all the acting/improv stuff he slips into interactions with his family even though he shouldn't have to. what i loved, so much, beyond words, about this chapter were archie's forays into muggle london. he's discovering and reading and eating things that i'm perfectly familiar with, but he has this air of excited wonder and curiosity that made me excited. i'm going to go heat up something in the microwave, if i can find anything, and try and be as enthused as archie was. it's like archie's whole new world made me remember how wonderful just walking around the streets can be. when he was in chinatown? with the sights and the smells and the tastes? your IMAGERY! i just! and the bookstore! the books he reads! sksfkew! and when he talks about them w hermione :))

imagine i am giving you a one-person standing ovation, mostly because you are a terrific writer, but also partly because i can't even imagine all the research that went into this chapter. you go to so much effort to put things in the right setting, which is such a pain when it comes to movies/books/events. 'tis inspiring. bravo, kit, bravo!
10/15/2019 c1 2Temaki-dono
Interesting style. I like the characterization! Honestly, there is so much of it I could spend ages debating over what was intentional, how pieces play in light of each other... I look forward to future elucidation!

In particular: was the "steel instead of argent" symbolism intentional? I need to know!

Much love.
10/3/2019 c9 drunkgreenfruit
Oh Kit. Your take on the Rigel-verse is, frankly, amazing. Yeah, I'm on the discord (I'm 'avo' over there though), but I figured I'd leave my long review on this chapter, then come back soon to drop MUCH shorter reviews on the other parts of your Rev arc.

From America With Love. Damn. I did not start reading your works with the intention of falling in love with them, yet I did.

The OC's - John, Chess.
I actually get put off a lot when original characters are introduced in a story where I am completely comfortable and secure in the friendships there already. I had a lot of missgivings about John and Chess, but you've managed to make me actually appreciate their roles (tho I still stan Harchie as being superrr close). They're honestly really great characters, and Chess' personality is kind of refreshing.

And can I just say... how you portray Archie is just... wow. Honestly, on the first few chapters of this.. I had to resort to A LOT of head bashing at Archie's general naiivety, my second-hand horror and embarrassment on the Chess-Midas-Prank (and just how he treated her in overall, really), and honestly? His personality in general.

THEN, you started to develop his character more. Gave him his own opinions on certain matters; gave him a more brilliant, in-depth personality; turned the world around and changed his views completely. Suddenly, he wasn't just "Archie who is cousins with Harry and who even knows what he does at AIM and omigod, please grow up a little". Like...
Him referring to Harry as his sister - TWIN sister?Brilliantly touching. I actually loved that so much, you don't even know.

Then you gave Archie PASSION. With Theatre. Muggle literature and films. He actually needed this so much, and I thank you for advancing his character so he isn't just "Healing and chivalrous and playful and Gryffindorishly protective."

From America With Love started with me not-liking his personality and finding it hard to read, to almost crying at points where I just wanted to hug him...

Honestly, your writing is amazing and I loved how Archie was so conflicted with being asked to become engaged to Harry. The fact that he didn't want to, but ultimately agreed to protect Harry... THE PAIN. Dude, seriously. I FELT that.

And I know I've only read up to this chapter (not even second year yet), but I honestly love Archie in the Muggle world. He really deserved his own place to just... be himself - basically Harry with her Lower Alleys. I can almost imagine Harry being introduced to Archie's Muggle world like how Archie was shown the Lower Alleys in V's - with one of them completely in their element, and the other maybe slightly suspicious and unrelaxed.

And wow... I may have gone a bit over with this review or whatever, but seen as I don't typically do reviews often, when I do, I REALLY do them.

Most of this review was me praising your character's personalities and shit, but a HUGE thanks to you for, you know, actually writing them. You're a hell of a writer, and brilliant at keeping the same writing style as V so it makes sense.

Hope you had fun wasting time reading this long-ass review, and good luck with the rest of the Rev Arc (know that I'll be reading them, even if i dont always review).

Thanks man
9/18/2019 c1 Anon
I love the first chapters! :D
8/28/2019 c19 the humblest person ever
I loved it! Ur writing is inspiring and I love the point of view if all the characters it is motivating and believable. I love how much information is included and how u make it flow so well with the action. Archie seems more 3D and u care just as much about his journey as Harry’s thank you for showing us your work!
8/24/2019 c19 11GenderBender25
I literally squealed reading this. It was embarrassing.
8/24/2019 c19 5badculture
Archie is such a fancy boy, I love it! And I'm glad this is going to be continued! Rachel told me I have some legal drama to look forward to so I'm super-interested to see how that plays out!

Archie and Hermione were adorable in this. I liked the little detail where Archie's nose was too blocked up to kiss properly.
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