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3/21 c8 Guest
Aww poor Sarah. Is the flashback from the time of the Music Box Killer? It’s nice of Julia to be there for her.

Ok what is up with Jared. You’re definitely playing up his creepy side.
3/21 c7 Guest
So as much as Clint comes off as a selfish arrogant jerk which I think he is I feel like he does care about his family. The problem is he is so off base, like he thinks he did Cord a favor by stepping back but there wasn’t anything for him to step back from. Hadn’t Julia made it more than obvious she wanted nothing to do with him?

Is Sarah anorexic? Poor girl. She really has been through a lot.
3/21 c6 Guest
I loved the Julia and Clint scenes!

Cord’s words in the scene with Clint are powerful. Are he and Ned friends? I could kind of see that. Julia Barrett, Cord Roberts, & Ned Ashton could be a powerful triumvirate.

Ok so now I see where this is going on Cooper’s paternity but is there another plot twist because I don’t really see Julia blatantly lying about it so I am guessing Clint really isn’t the father.
3/21 c5 Guest
Is Drew referring to Drew Buchanan?
Interesting perspective on Todd. Personally I never bought his redemption.

I like all the GH references. The idea of a teenage Joey Buchanan moving into the Q Mansion is interesting.

I feel bad for Sarah. She does seem to be on the outside of the family but it seems like she has a good relationship with her dad, Joey, and Cooper so maybe she will be ok.
3/21 c4 Guest
Aww Cooper is so sweet!
Julia Barrett is dead? Were she and Cord dating?
I like Sarah’s spunk or maybe I just get annoyed by Jessica.
Cord seems like a good dad.
3/21 c3 Guest
Who is Breanna Barrett?
More Buchanan drama but Sarah is awesome.
I kind of hate Nora. Am I supposed to?
3/21 c2 Guest
Sarah Roberts is such a cool character. I can’t wait to see what you do with her.

Nice job capturing the Buchanan drama.

So Cooper Barrett should be Cooper Buchanan?

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