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6/13 c9 brandiz430
ohhh loving this
6/5 c9 Poppyqueen97
I really like this story, please continue! You can‘t find many good Stiles/Peter stories and yours is one of the best I have read so far.
5/6 c7 iHateHotWeather123
I like what you did with Jackson and Stiles relationship or background etc etc..I don't get why you keep giving that UGLY-ASS scott chances in this story..He's just not a good friend and honestly, The readers could do without him and deason and even allison..

I also don't approve of how you just have Stiles out his that he's from the Future etc..Bad writing there.

The only thing I take from this story is the pairing..I like Stiles with Peter and I really, really dislike "scott" in general. Scott IS NEVER good enough for ANYTHING in canon..He's a freaking LOSER without Stiles..

Doesn't matter since this story is abandoned..
4/22 c9 b
so the malia thing is a no go? i prefer jacson as peter son anyway .
ug, deaton and scott shppuld go faraway.
4/2 c1 2Brzzyz
Omg I need more, I love the dynamic of what could of been ! More, more, more.
3/15 c9 1DustyQOTF
ok so with Deaton that just sounds like a sure fire way to start a fight.. I cant wait for the next chapter
3/5 c5 1JustAReader248
Stiles and Peter and Stiles with Harry Potter there aren't enough of them
3/5 c4 JustAReader248
I love stiles with peter has to be my fav pairing
3/5 c3 JustAReader248
Lol derek is hilarious
3/5 c2 JustAReader248
I love stiles he is amazing
3/5 c1 JustAReader248
I really love this story... So much
2/24 c9 Guest
I already commented on ch 9, lol. And I don’t feel like signing out to post it as a guest. ;)

I saw this on someone’s favourite list, couldn’t remember all of it so I reread it. It’s even better the second time around. I love the new Pack House. Sounds like my dream house minus the pool, hot tub and sauna. :) but my favourite and most desired is the Sunroom.

Love the story. Hope you are well and coping with life as it is. Life is becoming a new normal. It’s been a very long year, but I’m finally finding a balance of how my body works now, especially now that the majority of the cold is gone. I am tired of white fingertips which hurt then turn red. Which is a good sign.

Stay safe. Thanks for sharing your stories

Lol, so, I had commented on 8 & 9 so I signed out
2/17 c9 1TheVulcanNara
What a fantastic and addicting read. More please?
2/15 c9 6Gea Mari
I love this fic! Please continue and update soon!
1/25 c9 vampire moonlight
really great job please update soon!
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